Monday, May 21, 2012

Feeling A Little Creepy With the Odd Hours

They say in the world of jobs, friends and success it's all about who you know. For some reason I just keep meeting the most interesting people who keep opening doors to meet more and more interesting people.

A few months ago we met Tunde Olaniran when he opened up for FLASHCLASH at the Magic Bag. He blew the crowds minds when he stepped on stage with his amazing voice, slick and perfect hair, and hot coordinated dancers. He made it clear that night that he was someone I needed to know more about! He is a stylist, an activist, and someone who is taking over this city one heart at a time.

This talented gentleman called me last week to let me know that he was going to be styling a photo shoot at Vogue Vintage for a band named Odd Hours, who are about to release a new EP. He sent over a confidential link to one of their songs and I was very interested in learning more about them. He was gracious enough to invite Hip in Detroit along to see what happens when three talented musicians, a talented artist and stylist and hot female photographer named Lisa Marie Krug, all put their minds together. 
Vogue Vintage is located just south of 696 on Woodward, basically right on the border of Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge. It is a large space filled with furniture, clothes, jewelry and lots of other trinkets from the past. I wanted to buy the whole store for the house that I do not have! I fell in love with a few rings that Tunde was using for the shoot and I adored the outfit that he had already put lead singer, Natasha Beste into. That girl knows how to rock a body suit. 
While Tunde and Lisa scouted out where they wanted to take the photos and what amazing pieces of furniture they would use, I got a chance to do a quick interview with the Odd Hours about who they are and what their plans are for the future.

Odd Hours is a three piece including Natasha Beste on vocal and keys, Mike Legue on drums, and Tim Jagielo on guitar. They have one EP out on their bandcamp now. 

Their EP drops on June 30 and they are playing The Old Miami. Hip in Detroit plans to be there to get you some live footage so you can see this band for yourselves. We thought the sneak peak of the record sounded great but the band says you have to see them live to get what they are all about. We 100% agree that live music is better than anything else, so we hope that you will come out to join us!

Tunde also has a show coming up at the June 29th at P.J.’s Lager House. We are planning to finally get that coveted interview with him. I hope you will also join us at this show! 

To find out more about the talented Lisa Marie Krug, and see more of her work go here. While you're at it, make sure you check out Whitdel Arts, too. Loved meeting you Lisa and hope we get to do more with you in the future!


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