Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday General Yorg!

Friday night, the amazing FLASHCLASH transported to the year 2012 and put on one hell of a show for those that were smart enough to get their asses to the Shelter for the event. It was a night of celebration, as it was General Yorg’s birthday and we were all gathered together to sing and dance! 

We set up our cameras and caught as much as we could get on tape so that we could share it with the world. By watching these videos you are doing your part for the revolution. The HOLT may not want you to hear this music and dance and celebrate, but as long as we keep fighting they cannot stop us! 

Shout out to PeaceLoveSpandex for helping dress our boys for the night. I didn't know that General Bryce could wear spandex so well! 

Here are some videos put together by Hip In Detroit helper Matt Moy! Thank you for your time and tireless work! Thank you to FLASHCLASH for letting us celebrate with them! Hip In Detroit will continue to support you in your battle to keep good music alive and well.


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