Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Who Knew You Needed A Passport to Get to Midtown?

Since I finally joined the modern world and got a smartphone earlier this year, I've become a fan of Yelp. It really comes in handy when you're starving and want some delicious food, but nothing you know of sounds good, just Yelp it! Yah, I said that. I'm sorry. Anyway, Yelp really does come in handy and now they are doing something pretty cool in Detroit. They have what they are calling Yelp's Passport to Midtown! and it is going on May 14 until May 23.
Basically, there are tons of cool events going on to support local businesses in and around Midtown. There are so many good restaurants, bars and stores down there! There will be organized beer tours, dinners, doggie meet ups (I need to get myself a puppy and partake in this) and bike mechanic classes, plus much more! 

There are also special deals at many of the participating places. If you check-in on the Yelp app on your phone you can receive discounts like free coffee, discounts off your entire bill, free cookbook and free admission to the DIA, to name a few. Or, if you are not part of the modern world like me yet and can't check-in on your phone, you can just mention passport to get the deals. 

So, go down to Midtown and celebrate the city that you love and support all the local businesses. You can even create your own event, and if you do, let us know! We love finding out abut new, awesome places. Visit the event page here for a full list of the events and participating places and all the necessary info.


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