Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Help Cut Back on the Number of Homeless Pets

All About Animals Rescue is a wonderful organization that's goal is to have no more homeless pets. They strive towards meeting this goal by having a wonderful pet adoption and foster program, but they take it one step further. They also have 2 clinics that offer low cost spay/neutering (one in Warren and one in Auburn Hills) and now they have added a mobile unit too! 

One of the biggest contributors to homeless pets is unwanted litters and placement of these litters into homes that are not ready for a life long commitment to that animal. By simply getting your pet spayed or neutered you will help prevent strays, crowded shelters and unnecessary euthanasia of your pet's possible offspring. It is also beneficial to your pet's health and you won't have to worry about cleaning up after your female four legged friend. 

One reason that people avoid getting their pet spayed or neutered is because of the cost. Well, as I mentioned, All About Animals Rescue offers low cost services or you might even qualify for financial assistance for the procedure. I know it may sound sketchy... discounted medical procedures? However, All About Animals is a legit, professional organization. 

Their new mobile unit is allowing them to offer their services to those that might not be able to make it to one of their clinics. Starting today, All About Animals will have their Mobile Spay/Neuter Van at Cass City Cinema, across from Canine to Five. The unit will be there through Saturday. All services are performed by a licensed veterinarian. The cost is $80 for dogs and $40 for cats. If you can't afford that, there are some financial assistance programs available through them. That price sure is A LOT less than most vets charge though! If your pet is getting fixed, they can also receive low cost vaccines, heartworm testing, microchipping, flea prevention, heartworm prevention and deworming the same day! They have another great special going on too. If you have a litter of kittens, they are charging $40 to spay the mother and only $10 per kitten. That could save you and the future parents of those kitties a lot of money! 

In addition to low cost spay and neuter procedures, All About Animals offers low cost vaccinations and wellness services. By low cost, I mean low cost. Most things cost $15 or less. That's pretty awesome! Occasionally they also have vaccination fairs at other sites with even lower costs! 

As their name suggests, All About Animals Rescue does more than offer low cost medical procedures. They also takes in strays and unwanted pets and help place them in forever homes. They have some real cuties right now! You can check out their entire list of adoptable pets here.

One other great service that they offer is Trap Neuter Return services for Feral cats. If you have some stray/feral cats around your home, AAAR will loan you a trap and you can then bring the kitty into their clinic to be neutered and vaccinated. Once the procedure is over and the cat is ready to go, you then release it back into it's outdoor home. This helps ensure that the kitty will be healthy and also that they won't make a bunch of other homeless kitties! 

So, as you can see this organization does a lot of great things for the community and for our pets. I have personally been to their Warren location before. I can tell you it is super clean and all of the people that work and volunteer for this organization truly love animals and make sure your pet is getting wonderful care. If you would like to make an appointment for the Mobile Spay/Neuter Van call (586) 879-1745. You can also make an appointment for the mobile unit and both clinics online here. Make sure to keep your furry friend healthy & happy and do your part to help cut down on homeless pets!


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