Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Detroit Music Awards- Who Are All These People?

Last week we told you about the Detroit Music Awards. We were very excited to go and check out this event. As I mentioned before, we love awards shows and we love music.
Unfortunately, after attending the event we do not understand why they are called the Detroit Music Awards. There was no one there from a local band that we have even heard of (other than FLASHCLASH) and there weren't really any awards being announced. The winners were projected onto a screen in the entrance way of the Fillmore before "the show" even started.
The event seemed more about Vitamin Water then it did about music. I really don't like to hate on an event, especially when they were nice enough to let us come, but you can't expect us to lie to people and say that it is any representation of the amazing music that we have here in Michigan. There is a whole new scene of musicians in this area playing out weekly, recording and releasing music that are not even being represented. I think for this event to become legitimized, they need to find a better way to pick nominees. It would be nice to see a real representation of what Detroit music is about today, not what it used to be.

Here is some video we took at the show, sorry we are such caddy bitches, but it's just so fun!

Condolences to FLASHCLASH and Miz Korona. If it's any consolation to you, we do not think winning these awards will make or break anything for you. You're already killing it and doing your thing!



  1. That last little bit made me spit out my water.

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    1. We were all looking forward to the DMAs in the weeks leading up to the event. I guess we should have known what we were getting ourselves in to by looking at the Nominees. Nonetheless, we went and we were disappointed. We just feel like it wasn't an accurate representation of Detroit Music. Since it is mainly up to the bands to nominate themselves, I guess it is their own fault that they aren't a part of it. However, maybe the Foundation needs to add some new blood to their group and make an effort to reach out to those that are not in their "tight knit group". Or maybe it is what it is and the people that are a part of it and some of those that go enjoy it. Regardless, this was what our night ended up being. And in the end, I guess we enjoyed ourselves, but for other reasons than we anticipated.

  3. It wasnt any bands you talk about because they all suck and could never even be considered to win an award! Quit hating because awards are meant for GOOD music!

  4. I am glad you agree.

  5. Music awards have and always will be a total joke. Anonymous is obviously a consumerism lover. Music awards are about commerce, not art...

  6. The Detroit music awards have nothing to do with talent or success as an artist. The only people that vote are other bands or personnel in the music scene. It's about how many people you can rub elbows with and promise "I'll vote for your band if you vote for mine, REGARDLESS of how awful you might be". So if you've been around for 20 years and have accomplished nothing, you'll win because you know the most people in the music scene. If you've been around for 5 years and have been touring the country, playing out of the country selling cd's and have had some reasonable success and an international fanbase, but don't obsess over scoring a scooby-snack at the DMA- you don't win.