Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rocking Out in my Living Room to the NEW Bill Bondsmen!

Does anyone else love getting snail mail as much as I do? I look forward to getting the mail everyday, which is weird because usually it is just a bunch of bills I wish I didn't have to pay. However, this week, when I opened up my box, there was a treasure inside- local band, Bill Bondsmen, had sent me their latest 7 inch to listen to and review. 

I am so honored that they would give me the opportunity to hear their music and add a very cool looking 7" to my collection. The record was recorded and mixed at Brooksfield Gentlemen’s Club in November of last year by Adam Cox. It was pressed at Archer Record Pressing and has a great cover that was screen printed by Jeff Arcel. I love when records are screen printed, it makes each one a little different and even more special. 
The 7" has a song on each side and has a really cool design on the actual record. The music is 100% punk rock at it’s best. I turned on the record and let it play while I worked and was happy to hear that it was full of heavy bass and lots of feedback at times. It made me excited to see these guys play the next time they have a show. 

The record is now available for $5 at Stormy Records, Dearborn Music and UHF. You can also send the money (cash or money order made to CASH) to them at 15106 Paris, Detroit, MI 48101 or email them at

I would like to thank Tony, Jeff, Daniel, Rob, and Amado for sharing this with me. I give it a thumbs up. My initial reaction was, I wish there was more, so that in itself says a lot.To find out more about The Bill Bondsmen go here. We look forward to hearing more of you in the future.


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