Friday, February 3, 2012

I Want a Platinum Blonde Life, So I Keep Bleaching Out the Color

My hair is white. No bright white. And when people meet me it is usually one of the first things that they comment on or ask about.

I have finally decided to spill the beans. This pretty white hair is not my natural hair color! I know, your shocked!

The truth is, that this hair takes a lot of up keep and I usually get it done every four weeks. I should get it done every three, but I don't have the time or the money! Some of my favorite platinum blondes including Marilyn Monroe, Gwen Stefani, and Jean Harlow, are rumored to have done their hair every two weeks to make sure they didn't show any roots.

When it comes to my hair I only trust one salon to make sure that my cut and color are right every time. That place is Salon Noir in Romeo, Michigan. I am not saying that there aren't other great salons in Metro Detroit, because there are. But, there is not another one like Noir.

Before I started going to Noir I did my own hair (Big mistake! Ask old friends!) and I wouldn't go to a salon because I always had a bad experience. Every time I told a hair dresser what I wanted they would listen, shake their head, and then do whatever they thought would look good instead of what I wanted. With the prices I was paying, I deserved to be happy instead of annoyed when I walked out. I also hate being sold to. Don't talk to me about what I should buy from you while you're doing my hair. Do my hair and if it turns out well, I may ask you what you used to get it that way. Then, I may buy it.

When I went to Salon Noir for the first time, they listened to me. My hair dresser and the salon owner, Kelly Fisher, did exactly what I asked of her instead of what she thought I needed. When I have asked for advice over the years, she has also been able to help me make decisions, not tell me what I should do. 

The atmosphere of the salon is like hanging out with your girl friends. They gossip, share stories, and have fun while they are working, which makes being there a lot better for the customer. It can take a few hours to dye and straighten my mop, so it helps to be in a nice place with friendly people.

The salon has about 10 stylists, an assistant stylist, a nail lady, a massage therapist and a certified facialist. They do everything from cuts, to color, highlights, low lights, Klix, extensions, Brazilian Blowouts, waxing, gels, manis, pedis, and facials. They also have lots of fun packages, including Valentine's deals for that special someone. 

I highly recommend trying a facial or massage with Kerri, a pedicure by Donna, and a hair-do by any of the great girls, including Kelly, Becca, Ashley, Lea, Jenny, Natalie, Melissa, and Emily.

Check out some great pics that I snapped while I was there today and check out their website and Facebook page for more details!!

Thanks Noir for always making me look so fly!!!!!


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