Monday, February 13, 2012

Grammys Shammies

Well the 54th Annual Grammy Awards aired on CBS last night and were a GIANT disappointment, unless you tuned in to see Adele give thank you speeches! Poor GaGa got all dressed up in Versace and didn't even get many camera shots! Sad mother monster!

All of the performances, except Adele, were disappointing in my opinion. So I guess we can just talk about who was the worst! Adele sang amazing, which was the big talk of the night, but all she did was stand there and sing a song that has been overplayed. So how exciting can that be??? The Foo Fighters were okay, better the second time they came out, but then some giant mouse interrupted them and that performance fell flat fast. Katy Perry did an embarrassing Lady Gaga-esc interpretation of her horrible space love song that bored me, Nicki Minaj had the lame exorcism coupled with a horrible song and horrible rhyming, Bruno Mars did the same performance we've seen 5 times (MTV awards), and I think Chris Brown flipped around. At some point a country artist wore an ugly puffy skirt and sang and some old guy joined in. Basically, one performance was worse than the next. Jennifer Hudson's tribute to Whitney could have been good if she would have said something, or sang more than half the song, kinda sad and half assed. Sorry, Whitney.

Adele won all 6 awards that she was nominated for. So there were no surprises, except for Bon Iver winning best new artist. His speech and hairline were sad and retreating and didn't do much to help him win people over . Kanye and Hova didn't even bother to show up, which was sad because Kanye won Rap Album of the Year. Guess he meant it when he said he wouldn't come back after being snubbed a few years ago.

I vote Amber Rose (Wiz Kalifa's girlfriend) best dressed of the night, and Katy Perry worst dressed by far. GaGa was cute but typical and Adele was cute for a 40 year old going to a wedding. I'm not even talking about Fergie because what she has on was wrong, and if you liked it I don't like you!

At least I got to drink and smile with friends. So the night wasn't a total bust, but it left much to be desired. Rock and Roll needs to rip through the airwaves and breath some life back into this shit, because I love awards shows, but I may even give up watching soon. I don't know how many hours I can waste watching this drizzle!!!


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