Friday, February 24, 2012

It's Time to Bring Out Your Sunday's Best!

Saturday night is the 3rd Annual Punk Rock Winter Formal at The Magic Stick. This show is like taking an awesome punk rock show at one of your favorite venues and putting it in the middle of your high school prom. Except now you won't have to worry about getting in trouble for spiking the punch. We wanted to make sure you know how awesome this show is going to be, so we went right to the source, Amado Guadarrama from Bill Bondsmen, to get the scoop. 

Hip In Detroit: So, this is the 3rd year that you've put on Punk Rock Formal. Where did you get the idea? What made you decide to start organizing this event?

Amado: About 2 years ago, we were putting together a record release show. We wanted to do something a little more special and different. We thought "What would be the most and least punk thing you could do at the same time?" So we came up with the idea of a Formal, mostly because we thought it'd be funny to see some of our friends and fans dressed up. It was so much fun the first year that we decided to try to do it annually. Plus I feel people like having a reason to get gussied up for a night.

Hip In Detroit:
  I'm pretty sure most people that have been to a punk rock show in Detroit have at least heard of Bill Bondsmen. How long have you guys been together? How did you get together? What's the band's story?

Amado: Bill Bondsmen have been around for about 9 years now (sheesh!) It started off as kind of a side band to Robert and myself's other band (Bump-N-Uglies), but took a life of it's own. Tony (the singer) and I were DJ's at Smalls and would talk about putting a band together. Rob came aboard and then we had a few drummers. Counting all the 7"s, splits, 12"s and LP, we've done about 7 records with an 8th on the way. We've toured both coasts, all over the midwest and went to Europe a few years back. We've had a lineup change in the last year with a new drummer, who's working out great. We should have another 7" in the spring, followed by a new album.

Hip In Detroit:
What can you tell me about the other bands playing that night?

The Arrivals: They put out one of the best solid no bullshit pop punk albums of the past 10 years.   They're from Chicago, have one guy from Minneapolis (Paddy, who's also in a little band called Dillinger 4) and have been fighting the good fight for at least 15 years. "Simple Pleasures In America" is easily one of the best songs me.

Frustrations: Local boys. Creepy, Weird but tuneful. Not necessarily punk in sound, but definitely in spirit. Check out Negative Reflections on their own X! record label.

Golden Torso: Heavy (sounding and looking) sounding rock n roll. Not "Rock N Roll" Flaming Dice, Hot Rods and hands making devil horns bullshit. But real deal stuff. Also...good dudes all around .

Hip In Detroit:
If someone hasn't ever been to Punk Rock Formal, what should they expect?

Amado: Expect a bunch of slobs dressed like a bunch of snobs acting like even bigger slobs. Good times, cummerbunds, and great bands.

Hip In Detroit:  Last year you had the bands, the photo set up, and a super fun night overall. Anything new that people can look forward to this Saturday? 

Amado: We're playing some new songs, along with a new cover. I know some of the other bands have some suprises in store, but if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise!

Well there you have it! Sounds like this year's Punk Rock Winter Formal is going to be just as fun as the last couple of years! So doll yourself up, grab a date, or go stag and maybe you'll find someone at the show! The party starts at 8 p.m. and it's only $6 if you wear proper attire! If you want to be a party pooper and just go in the same shit you wear everyday, you have to pay $10...and everyone will make fun of you. Head on over to Flickr to get some fashion ideas from last years guests! 


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