Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There are Some 'Bizarre Foods' in Detroit

In case you didn't catch it Monday night, Travel Channel aired their episode of "Bizarre Foods" that was shot in Detroit! 

On "Bizarre Foods" host, Andrew Zimmern, travels across the planet tasting weird and unusual foods. If the description of a type of food makes you cringe, this guy has at least tried it. Even more likely is that he loves it.

 During their visit to Detroit, the show takes viewers to many places throughout the city and it's suburbs including Hamtramck, Eastern Market, and Dearborn. They even made a stop at one of our new favorite pizza joints, Supino's!

 So take a second and check out Andrew's 'Top 5 Moments in Detroit'. But, at some point you should definitely try to catch the entire episode...unless you are a vegetarian... something tells me vegetarians might not care for this show. 

 Photo Courtesy of TravelChannel.com


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