Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Vagina Day! Holidays That Leave Others Out Are So Lame!

While many couples will be getting together tonight to spend way too much money on a meal, flowers, or chocolates, I will likely be at the gym. That is beside the point, though. The point is that I am not one to celebrate Valentine's Day, although I do have quite an amazing Valentine. I'm not bragging, just saying its not my kind of tea party.

Instead, a few years ago, I started celebrating Vagina Day! Rather than making your coworker or cousin Cindy feel bad for not being half of a two person love team (because that's the be all, end all right?), you can celebrate the fact that you are an amazing woman or man, who came from an amazing woman, or loves a amazing woman or is father or mother to an amazing woman. Basically, everyone came from and loves a vagina and that's a fun thing to celebrate. I always send cards to the women who made me the woman that I am and I celebrate the women who help me get through the day. A few years ago I made shirts that said "I love vagina!" and threw a huge party, that surprisingly was one of the best attended parties that I ever threw, go figure!

But, it was fun to celebrate strong women throughout the world, and remember that there are still women fighting for the right to vote, be born, go to school and to fulfill their dreams. Women are being abused, degraded, and paying outrageous prices for birth control! We forget how amazing those vaginas are!

Take a second today and tell the many amazing women in your life how special they are!

Check out VDay.org to learn more about the fight against all violences against women.
I'm all about celebrating the vagina for Valentine's Day, go tell you friend, your mom, your sister, your coworker, your teacher and your girlfriend that you love their vagina. That shouldn't be grounds for termination right?

Sidenote: For all you smart assess out there that say "what about penis day?" I say to you- everyday is penis day, that's kind of what this whole fight for equal rights thing is all about! So boom!

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