Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Real Best of... Well at Least Some of Them...

Real Detroit Weekly released their "Real Best of" issue today! There are many things on the list that we are super excited about and totally agree with. There were a few surprises in there though that left us wondering, "Who the hell voted for that?" Here are our thoughts!


 Best Band: Wilson - Hells Yeah! We told you these guys know how to party! Awesome band, awesome music, awesome live. Ok, that's enough of the word awesome. Check out our articles with them last month to find out more. (All Party & No Bullshit and "...And Now It's Time For The Wilsons!" )

Best Local Photographer: Joe Gall!!!! - Of course! We absolutely love Joe. One of the best guys around and by far the best photographer around. This guy can do it all! Best live shots we've ever seen, but even his shots of his kid are great. Whether its photo shoots with celebrities, shots of his gorgeous girlfriend, photo shoots with friends, the occasional wedding and of course his party cam, every picture is amazing. Even those that normally shy away from a camera love getting photographed by this guy. (Just take one look at Sadie's apartment and you'll know he's her favorite.)

Best Bar on Paczki Day: Small's - Duh! Paczki Bombs!!!! (Paczki!)

Best Place to Get Loose on the Dance Floor :  Luna - Everyone has a love hate relationship with this place. But, 9 times out of 10, you have a fun time and leave there drunk as hell! Why else would you get out on the dance floor?

Best Cocktail Lounge: Delux Lounge - This place is super cute. We know that they have the prettiest cocktail waitress around. She's one of our favorites!

Best New Club: Orchid - We've only been there once, but it was pretty cool. If you're in the mood for Luna, but you feel like being a little fancier, go here.

Best Michigan-Made Spirit: Hard Luck Candy - Hell Yeah! Rootbeer Vodka!

Best Beer Selection: Red Wagon - Definitely. Check it out sometime. They have everything.  My personal favorite is Duvel.

Best Art Exhibit: Rembrandt & The Face of Jesus - Ok. None of us saw this. There is only one reason that I am agreeing with this one.

I'm done kissing Joe's ass now. I swear. 

Best Concert Venue Scene: Majestic Complex - We all still hold this place near and dear in our hearts. Best place to run into old friends, catch up with friends, see great shows (the best ones are booked by Black Iris). Super fun place and still one of the first places I recommend to out-of-towners.

Best Rock Club: The Ritz - It impressed us when we were there for Wilson. This place has quickly changed from a place that sewer rats hang out, too a pretty cool venue. Well, sewer rats still like it too. Keep an eye out for it. I think you'll be seeing more of it soon. 

Best Bakery: Astoria - YUM! German Chocolate Brownie! I want one right now!

Best Broasted Chicken: Chicken Shack - Hells Yeah! Don't forget the broasted potatoes too!

Best Store To Open in the Last Year: Rust Belt Market - Awesome, awesome place. Tons of great local artists and shops. If you haven't been there yet, head down this weekend!

Best Local Detroit T-Shirt Store:  Funky 7 - I know Sadie and I used to buy our oversized band shirts there in Jr. High! If they're still around, they must be doing something right! How about The Road Show? They used to be one of my favorites too!

Best Gift Shop: Scout - Cute place. A little pricey, but lots of cute stuff. 

Best Place to Find Home D├ęcor: Leon & Lulu - Becca took me here for this first time around Christmas. I must say, I think I like it better as a gift shop than the home decor. Mostly because that's all I could afford though!

Best Place to Shop the Latest Trends: Incognito - You know it! This place has been around for years and always stays with the times. It has only gotten better over time! Angie does one hell of a job over there! Probably my favorite place to buy shoes too!

Best Record Store: UHF - Great selection for those vinyl lovers! Don't forget, Record Store Day is right around the corner!

Best Shopping Experience:  Partridge Creek - Tricky, tricky! Although it might not have the best store selection for a mall (that's a 3 way tie between Somerset, Lakeside, and Twelve Oaks), it definitely is a great "shopping experience". Come on! You can bring your puppy dog!

Here are the one's we were surprised by:

Best Concert Venue: Magic Bag - No way! Small's! For sure. With The Magic Stick having a close second!

Best Bar to Visit for Any Reason: The Rock on 3rd - Ok. It's pretty cool. I think I would have rather seen Gusoline Alley or The Berkley Front on there though.

Best Bar On A Friday Night : Limelight - Yuck! Are you kidding me? Ok, my neighbor does sing one hell of a "Sweet Caroline" on Friday Nights at the Warren location. But, other than that, white trash central. Horrible. I think the last time I went there on a Friday, I swore I would never go back.

Best Jukebox: Gusoline - It's still pretty good, but I think The Front has passed them up.

Best Microbrewery:  Rochester Mills - No Way! Kuhnhenn's!

Best Italian: Andiamo - Wrong again! Andiamo doesn't have shit on Roma Cafe!

Best Pizza (deep dish): Buddy's Pizza - I still love Buddy's, and any pizza for that matter, but I have recently found my new favorite deep dish. Malone's on Van Dyke South of 14 Mile in Warren. Try it. It's delicious. My new favorite. Get the nachos too! I work with Becca in Warren for my 9-5, so plan on seeing a lot of Warren restaurants mentioned on here.

Best Pizza (Round): Como's - Delicious, but I think Supino may have stolen my heart!

Best Farmer's Market: Royal Oak Farmers Market - NO WAY! Have you ever been to Eastern Market? Royal Oak doesn't have shit on Eastern Market!

Best Locally Produced TV Show: FOX 2's Let It Rip - Ummmm... Apparently you guys haven't seen the show I produce at TV Warren, with hosts Nick Candela and Becca Friedman. The Spotlight. Way better! Duh!

Best Local Blog: Detroit Moxie - What!?!?! This category even exists!?!?!? You better watch out Moxie, we're coming after you next year! 

Well there are a lot more that I agree and disagree with, but I could  be here all day. Let us know what you think and if there is anyone that you think should have made the list!


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