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Grammy Picks 2012- How Many Grammy's Can Adele Win In One Night? (How bad do you think that dude that dumped her feels now?)

Tonight, CBS will be broadcasting the 54th Annual Grammy Awards from The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The First Grammys were in 1959 and were created to honor people who were being recognized by NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences) for the Hollywood Walk of Fame. They decided that just like TV and film stars, musical artist deserved a chance to be recognized.

Every year thousands of members of NARAS receive ballots in the mail and get the chance to vote for their pick in each category. They are urged to vote according to quality of the song, artist or album and not vote based on sales, chart performance, or personal friendships. Once those votes are tallied up, they air a three hour live broadcast (7 hours if you include the awards they hand out before the show goes live) complete with live performances and tons of celebrity's to help announce the winners.

This year the pre-show will air online at at 1pm eastern time and continue until the show starts at 8pm eastern time on CBS. The show has performances scheduled from Chris Brown, Katy Perry, Adele (her first performance since throat surgery), Chris Martin of Coldplay, Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, and Jason Aldean.

So, here's a rundown of the categories that actually matter and who I would like to see win.

Record of the Year
1. Adele - Rolling in the Deep
2. Bon Iver - Holocene
3. Bruno Mars - Grenade
4. Mumford and Sons - The Cave
5. Katy Perry - Firework

 I would love to see Bon Iver win this to make all my friends happy, but I'm pretty sure Adele will take this category with no problems. She is anticipated to be the big winner of the night and this category should be a lock. No one in their right mind would vote for that annoying "Firework" song unless they were into meth!

Album of the Year
1. Adele - 21
2. Foo Fighters - Wasted Light
3. Lady GaGa - Born This Way
4. Bruno Mars - Doo Woops and Hooligans
5. Rihanna - Loud

I can't imagine anyone but Miss Gaga taking this category. Yes, Adele got more play, but "Born This Way" was not only amazing from start to finish but it also permeated our culture this year and changed fashion, helped along the fight for gay rights, and introduced us to a women who can sing and play the piano as good as the Elton Johns and Billy Joels before her. I think this one will either go to GaGa or Adele but I would love to see it go to either Gaga or the Foo Fighters, I personally enjoyed those records a lot more.

Song of the Year
1. "All of the Lights"- Kanye West/Rihanna/Kid Cudi
2. "The Cave" - Mumford and Sons
3. "Grenade" - Bruno Mars
4. "Holocene" - Bon Iver
5. "Rolling in the Deep" - Adele

There is no question that Adele will win this one, I can't walk into a store, turn on a radio, or walk into a bar without hearing this song over and over again. I would love to see Kanye take the Grammy along with his crew, but I do not think this will be his big break. I think Kanye will see more wins in the Rap Categories but will likely lose the Grammys in the other categories to bigger pop albums of the year.

Best New Artist:

1. The Band Perry
2. Bon Iver
3. J.Cole
4. Nicki Minaj

5. Skrillex

This category is a little more difficult to predict because it is usually the one with the most surprises. I would love to see My Pink Friday Hoe, Nicki Minaj, take it down, but I am not sure that she will be able to beat out Bon Iver and Skrillex. Both of those artists also had big years! I will be sitting fingers crossed hoping for Nicki tonight. No former guy from From First to Last should win a Grammy over the newest queen of rap.

Best Pop Solo
1. Adele - "21"
2. Lady Gaga - "You and I"
3. Bruno Mars - "Grenade"
4. Katy Perry - "Firework"
5. Pink - "Fucking Perfect"

My first question is, how the hell did Pink and Bruno Mars even get nominated in this category? Someone has been smoking something! This battle will be between Adele and Lady Gaga, but in the end I think Adele has this one too. I would love to see Gaga take the award, especially after seeing her preform this at Lalapalooza this year, but I think this will be another easy Adele win.

Best Pop Vocal
1. 21 - Adele
2. The Lady Killer - Cee Lo Green
3. Born This Way - Lady Gaga
4. Doo Woops and Hooligans - Bruno Mars
5. Loud - Rihanna

Gaga or Adele will take this, but I bet it'll be like Adele's 4th thank you speech of the night. I hope Gaga gets up there at least once!

Best Rock Performance
1. Coldplay - "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall"
2. The Decemberists- "Down by the Water"
3. Foo Fighters - "Walk"
4. Mumford and Sons - "The Cave"
5. Radiohead - "Lotus Flower"

I would love to see the Foo or Radiohead win this category, but that Mumford and Sons seems to be the apple of everyone's eye for some reason unknown to me. I think we are likely to see them take this category. And for me to likely go get another beer or take a pee while they blubber on with their thank you's.

Best Hard Rock/ Metal
1. "On the Backs of Angels" - Dream Theater
2. "White Limo" - Foo Fighters
3. "Curl of the Burl" - Mastodon
4. "Public Enemy #1"- Megadeth
5. "Blood in my Eyes" - Sum 41

Who the fuck nominated Sum 41!?!?!? You should be ashamed of yourself! Mastodon should win this but the Foo Fighters will likely take this category and I will enjoy every second of Dave Grohl on screen. Em em good! I'm here, Dave. I'm still waiting for you, Everlong.

Best Rock
1. Jeff Beck - Rock 'n' Roll Party
2. Foo Fighters - Wasting Light
3. Kings of Leon - Come Around Sundown
4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers - "I'm With You"
5. Wilco - The Who Love

Honestly , who cares? Crappy choices, and there are no rock stations on regular radio anymore! Foo Fighters for sure! 2nd win of the night for them, if I'm right.

Best Alternative Album
1. Bon Iver - Bon Iver
2. Death Cab for Cutie - Codes and Keys
3. Foster the People - Torches
4. My Morning Jacket - Circuital
5. Radiohead - The King of Limbs

Radiohead or Bon Iver, but this category has that "I don't give a fuck" feel to it.

Best Rap Performance
1. "Fame" - Chris Brown/Little Wayne/ Busta Rhymes
2. "The Show Goes On" - Lupe Fiasco
3. "Otis"- Jay Z/ Kanye West
4. "Moment For Life" - Nicki Minaj/ Drake
5. "Black and Yellow"- Wiz Khalifa

 I like every nominee in this category except for Chris Brown, but the record was called "Watch the Throne" for a reason. This will be the time of the night to pop a bottle, throw your diamonds in the sky, and realize "It's a celebration bitches".

Best Rap Song/ Collaboration
1. "Party" - Beyonce and Andre 3000
2. "I'm on One" - DJ Khaled/Drake/Rick Ross/ Little Wayne
3. "I Need a Doctor" - Dr. Dre/ Eminem/ Skyler Grey
4. "What's My Name" - Rihanna/Drake
5. "Motivation" - Kelly Rowland/ Lil Wayne
6. "All of the Lights" - Kanye/ Rhianna/ Kid Cudi

I would love to see Kanye take this one home too, but I think good old Detroit boy Eminem deserves to get a Grammy this year after getting raped by them last year! He was nominated like 15 times and just got wrecked last year. I always love some redemption.

Best Rap Song
1. "All of the Lights" - Kanye/Rhianna/ Kid Cudi
2. "Black and Yellow" -Wiz Kalifa
3. "I Need a Docotor" - Eminiem/Dr. Dre
4. "Otis" - Kanye/ Jay Z
5. "The Show Goes On" - Lupe Fiasco

Diamonds in the sky girls and boys! The rock is in the building! Hova and Yeezy all the way

Best Rap Album
1. Watch the Throne - Kanye/Jay Z

2. The Carter IV - Lil Wayne
3. Lasers - Lupe Fiasco
4. Pink Friday - Nicki Minaj
5. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy - Kanye West

This one is actually hard for me, not because I don't think for a second that Watch the Throne won't win, because it will. But, because all of these albums are amazing, and Kayne's solo album was even played on college radio. It reached across genres and it may very well be more deserving of the title. But, when you put 2 of the greatest rappers of all time on an album and couple it with an amazing tour, you have something unbeatable. Kudos to Kanye for two nods in the same category. Either way, I think we will see him and 30 chains on stage dedicating this shit to his mama, and for me that's good enough.

Well, I can't wait to get my friends together, pop a bottle, and enjoy the 54th Grammys. Let us know who your voting for and what you think of my picks!


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