Saturday, February 25, 2012

How Does That Guy Move His Legs Like That???

One thing that I have learned since we started doing this blog, is that the music scene is still alive in Detroit. There are a lot of great bands around here, some old and some new. Whether it was just me getting older, or the fact that bands around here were just not my style anymore, I went from going to a show almost every night, to MAYBE a couple of times a month. I got sick of hearing the same music over and over by bands that all thought their shit didn't stink. (Wow, I really do sound old throwing a phrase like that out there!) 

In the past few weeks we have got a chance to see a lot of great bands, but last night was by far the most energetic, entertaining band I have seen in years. Bars of Gold put on one hell of a show last night at Small's. I had been hearing a buzz about them for a while, but never made it out to one of their shows. Do yourself a favor! Go see them the next time they play! They are super nice dudes, playing awesome music and loving every second of it! Watch the video and you'll see what I mean!

Awesome, right? Make sure you also check out The Fencemen and The Summer Pledge. Both of those bands put on great shows too!


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