Monday, February 6, 2012

This Dude is Much More Than Just Some Pretty Hair!

This past friday at the FLASHCLASH show, we received a pleasant surprise in the form of a great opening act!

The lights dimmed, the beat started, and a man with two dancers came on the stage. Then our jaws dropped, and our bodies started dancing!

Tunde is a local hip-hop artist from Flint MI, he says you pronounce the first part of his name like 'cartoon' and the last part like 'Tuesday'! So TUNDE! Got it? Learn his name fast because I guarantee you'll hear it soon.

If I had to describe him I would say that he was the product of Kanye West and Robyn having a creative baby, but he's so much more than that. Please just check out this video edited by Hip in Detroit guest videographer/photographer, Matt Moy, and see for yourself!

We will definitely be catching up with him soon and getting an interview! In the meantime, please check out his facebook or hit him up on twitter, he has a four song EP out that we picked up and it had us dancing on the way to work this Monday!

Unexpected, but a very welcome surprise! Great to discover a new local treasure!

Photos and Video Courtesy of Matt Moy!

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