Monday, February 11, 2013

Vagina Day: Come See James Linck at The Loving Touch with Ratking & More!


 Photo: thursday, me and Lianna are putting out our cover of marvin gaye & tammi terrell's you're all i need to get by

This Thursday, all the lovers of the world will be exchanging cards and giving each other candy and jewelry to celebrate their love for each other. They will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in the way that Hallmark has told them to celebrate and show their love. 

Here at Hip in Detroit, we do not believe much in Valentine’s Day or any holiday that excludes all the single people out there. I personally have never celebrated this holiday although I am in a relationship and have been for the last 6 years. Instead, about 10 years ago I started celebrating Vagina Day on February 14 instead. Vagina Day was started by the V-Day organization, which was created by Eve Ensler. The organization brings the Vagina Monologues to cities all over the world and changes the way that we think and talk about vaginas. I usually wear a “Happy Vagina Day" shirt and walk around town yelling vagina at everyone that I see to celebrate every Valentine’s Day. 

This year I will be celebrating my Vagina Day a little differently. I plan to go see my music obsession James Linck play at The Loving Touch. He will be preforming with Ratking featuring Pablo Sebastian and Doss The Artist. There is no better way to get out and have fun than to hear some great music performed live. I have invited all my favorite vaginas to join me for a drink and I would like you to do the same. All you single’s lets pack the place, have a drink, watch some music and celebrate vaginas this February 14th. Now you have no reason to sit home and mope.

This show is only $7 at the door, starts at 9 p.m. and 18+ are welcome. We wish you all a very happy Vagina Day indeed. 


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