Friday, February 1, 2013

High Vibrations Monthly

Detroit has always been known for its electronic music scene. In fact, once a year we have one of the largest electronic music festivals in the U.S. called Movement (or DEMF for us old schoolers). Electronic music has become even more popular in the last few years and has taken on new shapes and forms as new artist put their own spin on the genre. Bands like Phantasmagoria have taken live electronic music to a new level. Chris Jarvis, one half of Phantasmagoria, has branched out and created a new monthly event at The Loving Touch to pay tribute to this new form of electronic music and the great local acts that are part of it. 

Once a month, The Loving touch will host High Vibrations which is a showcase of  “the forward thinking music community of Detroit”. This event is free for 21 and over and only $5 for 18+. The first edition will take place this Saturday, February 2nd and features Keef Box, Ancient Language, Doc Illingsworth and Skotarcyzk. Next month, on March 9th, they have already scheduled Eddie Logix, Dial 81, DSJR and Jon Zott to perform. The first two lineups are solid and lead me to believe that this will quickly become the place to check out both new and established artists from Detroit. The Loving Touch is located at 22634 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale and Saturday's show starts at 8 p.m.


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