Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Day at the Motor City Tattoo Expo

This past weekend we were invited by InkAddict clothing to check out our first tattoo convention. Christie and I ventured down to The Renaissance Center and entered into a whole new world. There were literally hundreds of people walking around, while others were getting tattoos, looking at tattoos, buying tattoo merchandise, looking at the latest and greatest in tattoo guns and accessories, and anything else you can think of that is involved with getting inked. 

It was very overwhelming to see all of the artists. Each has a different specialty, a different graphic, and a different way that they are branding themselves to their consumers. If you were interested in getting a tattoo and were looking to find an artist, this would have been the place to be. Artists were in town from all over the U.S. The show was host to many different people from all ages and backgrounds. There were even women pushing strollers as they roamed the aisles. There is no “type” of person that gets tattoos anymore, so there was a little something for everyone.
We had a really great time seeing something new and were happy to see so many people walking around the Ren Cen on a weekend. We also ran into one of our favorite local singer/songwriters Jennica Wahl from The Scenery and Bye Bye Birdy. She was even cool enough to let us interview her while she was getting a tattoo. Scott Yettaw was in town from Michigan City, Indiana (isn't that confusing) and she had to make sure that she got a chance to get something done by him. He is the man behind the sexy arms of Bradley Walden from Squid The Whale and she was a huge fan of his style and work. She even brought her sister along to get matching ink done. Jennica is covered in some of the most beautiful tattoos i have ever seen and she was a little nervous to get her foot tattooed. That's right kids the lady with a birdcage on her throat still gets nervous. It made us smile. We got a chance to talk to her and Scott while he was working and he filled us in on who he is and what he does. 

It was very cool to run into a friend and see our first tattoo show. A huge thank you to InkAddict for opening up our eyes to a world that we has never seen before. As I mentioned in the video, Jennica will be performing next week at The Crofoot in The Vernors Room as Bye Bye Birdy with American Opera, Carts Before Horses and Vince Dynamic. The show is only $8 and doors are at 7. If you haven't seen her play before, this is the perfect time to check her out and see how the new ink is healing. Now I have to figure out what tattoo I want to get next because that convention gave me tattoo fever again!


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