Thursday, February 28, 2013

Help Detroit Get to SXSW

Every year a group of talented Detroiters head down to SXSW to represent our city in the great state of Texas. Last year Flashclash, Tunde, Joe Gall Photography, Peace Love Spandex and Bye Bye Birdy were some of the artists that attended the fest. 

This year Passalacqua, James Linck, Phantasmagoria, Doss the Artist and Cold Men Young are planning to head down and literally take over the city. They will be playing on the Metro Times Blowout stage, but also plan to bring along a generator to play wherever the fuck they want. 

                                                         Photo by Doug Coombe 

They are asking for their fans to come together and help them fund their travels and subsequent impromptu performances at SXSW. They have created a way for you to donate to their cause online and in return for helping them, you get something in return. Everyone that donates will receive swag from these artists. The amount of swag you get will be determined by the amount of money that you donate but every person that donates will get an invite to a private show TBA once they return from their trip. Even a dollar will get you something fun and a ticket for the future show. 

The donations close on March 8th so if you have something to give, give now! I donated myself. I can't miss a future party with these boys and girls.


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