Friday, February 1, 2013

Hip In Detroit One Year Anniversary Show Tonight!!!

Tonight we are throwing a huge party to celebrate the one year anniversary of Hip In Detroit. We have recruited four of our biggest supporters: Break Anchor, Against The Grain, The A-Gang and Destroy This Place to play for you and we were lucky enough to get Incognito, PBR, James Linck, Kristina Grafer, Mark Culpepper, Against the Grain and Ironclad Tattoo Co. to donate lots of prizes for us to give away to you. We have everything from gift cards for tattoos and clothing to stickers and booty shorts to lavish upon those that attend the event this Friday.

In honor of this event, Christie and Becca went back through our old videos and pulled interviews and clips with each band to show you what we have done with them in the past year and to give you a taste of what each has to offer. Check out all of the videos and please come out and join us at Small's for the party tonight! Doors are at 8 p.m. and the show is $10. 

On a personal note, I want to thank each and every person that has worked with us throughout the last year. Anyone who threw us on a guest list, bought us a drink, gave us their time for an interview or came out to an event because we advertised it. A special thanks from me goes out to Ramona, Sarah, Joe Gall, the entire crew at Small's, the entire staff at the Crofoot, the entire staff at The Magic Stick, and Matt Moy for always lending a helping hand to us when we need it and putting up with me and this website. 

Most importantly I would like to thank Christie and Becca for working with me the past year. We each carry a different load and work very hard. There are good days and bad days and days when I want to give up, but you ladies keep me going and I hope vice versa. You are both more amazing than you'll ever know. 

In the next year I would like to see become the place to go when you need to figure out what to do. I would like to see the music community come together and support each other. We are all trying to put out our art and express ourselves. For that reason alone we should have respect for our fellow artists. Detroit is the weirdest and coolest city in the world and I am very proud to be covering this city and the people in it. 


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