Friday, February 8, 2013

Time for Some Good Clean Fun at The Dirty Show

Tonight the doors officially open for the 14th annual Dirty Show in Detroit. This exhibition features erotic art from local artists, along with artists from around the world. And by art, we mean every sense of the word art; performance, dancing, painting, drawing... you name it, it's part of this show. Well as long as it's a little dirty it is. I'm pretty sure your niece's finger painting won't be on display here. Well, let's hope not at least.

The Dirty Show started back in 2000 with about 40 artists involved. Since then, it has grown and evolved to the huge show it is now, including hundreds of artists and drawing attention across the globe. Last year we talked with a friend that was involved with the show and she said it best when explaining The Dirty Show as, "...the place to go if you want to see people be who they really are, no judgment, no bullshit, just real people. The art is amazing and racy, as well as the acts that perform on stage throughout the night. Its nothing like you will ever see, but it opens your eyes to a whole new world that most people shy away from."

Considering the basis of The Dirty Show, it is appropriately set to take place every year around Valentine's Day. The show starts tonight and runs through February 16th at Bert's Warehouse. Tickets  are $25 and can be purchased here. Some nights are already sold out for this year. So if you know you want to go, we suggest you buy your tickets right away. Bert's Warehouse is located at 2739 Russell Street in Detroit. For more details on the show, visit or The Dirty Show's Facebook page.  


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