Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Goddamn Gallows @ Small's Friday!

About a year ago, we were able to go see one of the best shows that I think we've seen since we started this website. The show was The Goddamn Gallows with Larry and his Flask. Both bands are crazy good live and everyone that went had a great time. We were able to catch up with both bands that night, you can see the video here
If you didn't catch them last time they were here, now is your chance. The Goddamn Gallows will be in town this Friday, February 22, at Small's with Jayke Orvis & The Broken Band, and James Hunnicutt. Yet another awesome show by Black Iris Booking!

We asked The Goddamn Gallows a few questions about the band, what is next for them and if they had any good stories from the road. See what they had to say!

Hip in Detroit- How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Goddamn Gallows- I've never really heard a term that totally fits our sound. People call it "gutterbilly",  "americana punk", "hobocore" and a bunch of other mishmash names. Its just a mix of all the music we grew up with and love....punk, bluegrass, classic country, crust, Wu-Tang and old psychobilly.

Hip in Detroit- There are a number of instruments that are a little different from what we're used to around here. How did you guys get into playing them? Especially the washboard!

Goddamn Gallows- When we were writing our 3rd album "ghost of the rails" we decided to write the banjo into some our songs. We had also gotten a new member who played the washboard and had began learning the accordion, so the sound of the songs basically took a new shape with the new instruments.

Hip in Detroit- I was reading about the band a bit and it sounds like it's been an interesting road to where you are now with all your travels. Do you have any good stories you can share that stand out?

Goddamn Gallows- Yeah there's an endless amount of stories and there's a couple few that we can't really tell hahaha. When we first hit the road, we used to do what we called "renegade camping", where we would just find random spots to camp. This one night, we pulled off the highway in Arizona and we were gonna sleep in an abandoned house but there was a nest of bees in it, so we camped back a bit, setting up tents in the dessert. It was the first night of a 2 day meteor shower and there was a huge heat lighting storm, so we were kicked back watching all this crazy shit in the sky when about a dozen helicopters started flying around with spotlights on the ground. Then a truck came tearing up to the house we almost stayed in. We saw a bunch guys run up to it with flashlights screaming "come out with your hands up!" We didn't know what the hell was going on so we just sat there hidden by the dark. Turns out there was a prison break down the highway a bit and they were searching for prisoners. 
We saw an airplane land on the highway once, that was neat. One time we broke down in Harlem and a cop shot a plain clothes cop just down the block. That was pretty crazy. This other time we accidentally went into Canada with felony warrants and they yanked us out and about 2 dozen cops had their weapons drawn on us. They tore up our van and found a one-hitter, a quarter stick of dynamite, 6 home-made knives and a baton. That wasn't much fun especially because our trailer flew off the highway and launched into a ravine earlier that day. True stories haha. 

Hip in Detroit- I have to ask, why is Fish-Gutzzz called that? 

Goddamn Gallows- It stems from the great fish battle of 2002. Many fish died that day. 

Hip in Detroit- Since you guys are from the Detroit/Lansing area, but tour so much, are there any places you have to go when you're home? Bars, restaurants, etc.? 

Goddamn Gallows- I don't leave my house when I'm home. Besides the liquor store. 

Hip in Detroit- We were able to see your show almost a year ago at the Magic Stick, and besides the fact that it was a great show, there was a little surprise that made it even crazier. The fire breather is definitely a unique touch. How did that come about? How does one even realize they have that ability?  

Goddamn Gallows- TV's Avery realized he could spit fire when it became apparent he could spit liquid out of his mouth. 

Hip in Detroit- Is there a new album in the works? What's next for The Goddamn Gallows? 

Goddamn Gallows- We just finished recording 15 tracks in Nashville with Andy Gibson (Hank 3's pedal steel player). It should be out this summer. The Goddamn Gallows will continue to be on the road and record and hopefully make it to Europe this year.

So make sure to make your way down to Hamtramck Friday to catch these guys, fire breathing and all. You won't regret it! Tickets are $12 and doors are at 8 p.m.Tickets are available for purchase here.


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