Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Used With We Came As Romans

This past Sunday I made my way out to The Filmore Detroit to see The Used and We Came As Romans preform for a packed house on the Take Action Tour. It was my first time shooting a live show with my new Cannon and it was exciting and intimidating at the same time. I attended the event with the famous Camera Jesus, a.k.a. Joe Gall Photography, which added to the intimidation. Nothing like breaking your virginity in front of one of the pros. I learned that I need to learn how to focus better and that I need to get some balls and learn how to push a few photographers. Both are noted for the next time I get a chance to get up front and get some shots. 
Both bands were amazing live and the crowd could not get enough. I tried to get you a few cool shots of the bands and the crowd so that you could see what you missed out on. I forgot how great The Used are and how much I used to love listening to them. It made me resurrect a few of their older albums to start listening to again. I also was very impressed by We Came As Romans. I had heard that they were great live and they lived up to the hype. 
Check out a few of my photos and make sure that you are following CameraJesus on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see the photos that he got- they are much better. He knows how to get in there and get the shot, plus hes huge and can hold that camera in one hand while slamming a beer, kind of jealous. He also got a video of Ryan Logan from the Crofoot team singing live with The Used. It was a pretty epic night at the Fillmore.


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