Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Meet Aim Your Arrows

There is nothing I love more than a rock 'n roll band fronted by a female singer. I find that many people have a preference when it comes to a male or female vocalist and in my case I will always prefer a woman. 
I was recently sent a link to check out the group Aim Your Arrows and when I listened to their music, I found myself enjoying what I heard. When I found out this band was local and that they recorded at 37 studios, I knew I had to contact them to be featured on our site. 

Aim Your Arrows are still a young band just starting their career and touring. They have only released one EP at this time. The group consists of Samantha Gardner on vocals, Brent Caldwell on guitar, Sam Metzler on bass and Austin Mills on drums. They recorded their first EP Reflections with Matt Dalton and Craig Owens and released it this past July. It is available for purchase on iTunes.  

The band has toured all over Michigan and opened for bigger bands including Every Avenue. They are all straight edge and vegan and represent living the clean lifestyle well. We got a chance to ask the singer Samantha Gardner a few questions about Aim Your Arrows. Check out what she had to say and make sure to head over to iTunes or Spotify and give the EP a listen.

Hip in Detroit- Describe your band to someone that has never heard you play before.   

Samantha- A lot of people have described us as a girl-fronted version of A Day To Remember or a heavier Paramore. We're basically a heavy pop-punk band with a few other elements thrown in.  

Hip in Detroit- Three biggest musical inspirations?

Samantha- Oh man, trying to narrow it down to three is really difficult. Especially when it comes to the newer stuff we're writing. Our influences range from Paramore and Tonight Alive to Anti-Flag and the Sex Pistols and even Taylor Swift. Like I said, it's hard to name just three

Hip in Detroit- Tell us about recording with Matt Dalton. 

Samantha- Matt Dalton is one of our favorite human beings in the world. He is so much fun to be around and that made the recording process so much better. We're really excited to work with him again on our next release. Matt totally comprehends what we're going for with our sound. We are blessed to be able to work with such an awesome producer.  

Hip in Detroit- Where can someone get their hands on your album?

Samantha- Currently we are selling the physical CD at all of our shows as well as through the website CD Baby. We're going to have an online merch store set up soon. The EP is also available for download on iTunes, as well as Amazon, and pretty much every other digital music distributor. You can also stream it on Spotify. 

Hip in Detroit- - Do you have any new recordings or any upcoming shows?

Samantha- We are in the process of demoing some of our new songs. We are in love with them and we can't wait to release the final versions on our next record. We've been playing some of them live and the reaction has been absolutely stellar! We are going on tour in March and capping that off with a headlining show at The Pike Room in Pontiac on March 24th. And then we'll be touring again in May with our friends Hour 24, Katie's Got Guts, and a band from Argentina called NADIN. There will be a Detroit area show for that tour as well.

Hip in Detroit-  What other local bands should our readers check out?

Samantha- Check out Hour 24, Men Like Machines, Chances Are, The Most Powerful Weapon, Escape Plan, Shudder, and Kisses For Charity.

Hip in Detroit- Favorite venue, restaurant and bar in the Metro Detroit area?

Samantha- The Crofoot venue complex is the best venue in the world. The staff there are so friendly and professional. Some of our best shows have been at the Ballroom and Pike Room. As far as restaurants go, you can't top Sakana Sushi Lounge in Ferndale. We don't frequent bars because none of us drink. But no matter where you go, be sure to tip your servers!

We will keep you updated on what this group does in the future. Thanks for your time Samantha! 



  1. I've had the good fortune to see this band a few times now and have NEVER been disappointed! They didn't mention it, but the show they did opening up for Blood on the Dance Floor at the Crowfoot was incredible. I truly believe that it'll only be a matter of time before they're signed by a big label.

  2. Aim Your Arrows is really great. One of the bands with more potential in the whole alternative rock scene.