Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Mohawk, Two Mohawk, Three Mohawk, Four!

Last night I had a wonderful time at The Magic Stick watching Wilson, HaveNots, The Flatliners and Anti-Flag. All the bands put on great sets and showed a good time to those brave enough to venture out to a punk show on a Monday night.

Wilson opened the night and got the crowd moving. Multiple circle pits made it difficult for me to stand in one place! They didn't act or perform like an opener and the crowd responded by singing, dancing, and getting into the show. I was surprised how packed it was for 7:30! Chad went nuts on stage and even finished the night out pounding on his giant marching bass drum. Is it just me or does he kinda remind you of early Phil Anselmo from Pantera?? (Side note: I am obsessed with Pantera) I also noticed that they had some really cool merchandise. There is a bad ass wolf shirt that I need to buy next time I see them play!

The Flatliners were a pleasant surprise. I had never heard them before but when I ran into Ryan from The Swellers, he told me to check out the show. They are from Canada and were very friendly men. I enjoyed their set and plan to check them out again in the future. They are on the full tour with Anti-Flag, so you can see them on their
other stops if you're interested.

It has been years since I have seen Anti-Flag. I think one of the early 2000's Warped Tours may have been the last time I caught their show. I grew up a fan, but had not listened to them in a long time. This tour is for their new CD, so I was not sure what to expect. The funny thing is that although time has passed and I have aged, they somehow didn't! These guys don't look a day older than they did when I was younger and their show was as fun as I remember it being. "You gotta die, gotta die, gotta die for your government"! They played a lot of old songs that I was familiar with and sounded great while doing so! It was fun to see all the younger punk rockers with their mohawks, jumping around and sweating like pigs, just like I used to when I was their age! 

All in all, I had a really good time. Both winners of tickets courtesy of Black Iris Booking also reported that they enjoyed themselves. Ah the joy of getting something for free! Cheers to a great Monday night!


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