Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Free Tickets??? No Way!

Hello Friends! I woke up first thing this morning and put all the names of the people who entered to win to see Anti-Flag and Wilson at the Magic Stick in a hat and drew out the winning name. I am excited to announce that I actually know the winner and know that he will be happy to come out and have a great night! Mr. Bryan Michael Young, make sure that you are free Monday night and ready to have a good time! You and a guest will be joining Black Iris Booking and Hip in Detroit at the show! 
Here's a little something extra, too- you are also invited to bowl with us and the bands after the show! Even more awesome, right?!

Well, the rest of you still have a chance to be the next winner! Black Iris Booking has given us ANOTHER set of tickets and passes to bowl with the band! All you have to do today is email the answer to our next question back to us at Tomorrow we will throw all the names into the same hat and choose one lucky winner! So if you want to come out, just email the answer to the following question and there is a good chance that you could be hanging out with Anti-Flag on Monday night! 

The question is: What is the name of Anti-Flag’s newest record? 

Email your responses now!!

Happy Sunday Funday! Don’t get too drunk at the parade downtown. You need to save a little energy to party again tomorrow!


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