Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coney's in LA?

I may be in Los Angeles right now, but I am keeping up with my Detroit roots. I read about a coney dog place opening on Sunset Boulevard last year, and when I found out I was coming to LA, I decided I had to try it.

First off, it's much cleaner than any Michigan Coney Island, which makes it a bit weird, but it was pretty good! Since I'm not originally from Michigan, I wasn't brought up with coneys and the chili and everything, and am not the biggest fan of them, but these coneys were not bad at all. I will admit that I had the turkey coney with vegan chili (I know it's not the same), but it looks the same and was pretty tasty!

They really Detroit it up in there. They have big t.v.'s where they play all the Detroit sports games, pictures of Fox Theatre and different landmarks around Detroit, sell Faygo pop, you name it. They also serve beer, but not a single one was a Detroit beer! Come on, if you can get Faygo shipped in, why not some Bell's?
If you are ever in Hollywood, you should stop in and check it out.


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