Monday, March 5, 2012

'Now Tayne I Can Get Into'

I love Paul Rudd. I know Christie does. And I'm sure Sadie does, because, well, how can you not? Although I did not find his last movie, Our Idiot Brother, very funny (I still love Role Models). But he's Paul Rudd and I gave him another chance last night. His new movie, Wanderlust, is definitely worth a watch. I was cracking up through all of it, especially one part where Paul Rudd's character is psyching himself up in a mirror to go do something. You should probably go specifically for that scene, actually. Trust me, you'll die.

The movie has a pretty stellar cast, too. It has Alan Alda (an old, scooter riding man losing his mind), Ken Marino, the gorgeous Justin Theroux (even though he's quite the hippie in this, he's still pretty) and of course Jennifer Aniston.

The one thing I feel as though I should warn people about is that there is a lot of male nudity...and not the males you are hoping for. However, the two guys I was with were probably laughing harder at those points than I was. I was too busy going 'Oh God! Really? They can do that?!'

All in all, who doesn't love a good hippie-dippy, lots of smoking, almost seeing Jennifer Aniston's boobs, Paul Rudd comedy anyway?

Before you go anywhere, watch this hilarious video, and then check out the trailer for 'Wanderlust.'


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