Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Looking For A REALLY Good Cup Of Coffee?

Thanks to one of my friends, I recently discovered an AWESOME new cafe. If you like coffee and espresso, you really need to check out Chazzano Coffee Roasters. They are on 9 Mile in Ferndale, but they are not downtown, so if you don't know about them, they'd be a bit hard to just stumble upon. Totally worth the trek, though. 

The owners are a super sweet couple and you can tell that they truly love brewing coffee for you. I believe the husband said he makes at least 40 different blends of espresso or coffee, but he is always making new ones so it is impossible to try them all! They grind everything daily so everything is as fresh as possible. Everything is also fair-trade and organic. 

You can go in for an espresso or cup of coffee or you can buy beans to take home. And, if you need a part for your own coffee press, they have that as well! 

Sadly, I was too excited to try the espresso and coffee after talking to the owners and seeing how excited they were, to remember to take pictures. The inside is really nice. It's a funny location since it's right in the middle of all the factories and old businesses on 9 Mile, but once you step inside you forget that. 

So head down to Ferndale and try it. I highly recommend Chazzano Coffee. If nothing else, you can learn more about coffee brewing than you would have thought was possible. For example, I learned that coffee has more flavor notes than wine does! Who would have thought!

In the meantime check them out on Fox 2 News:
Happy first day of spring! Get a delicious iced coffee to enjoy in this crazy, warm weather!


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