Sunday, March 11, 2012

Can I Get Some More Banjo Please?

Last night Larry And His Flask and The Goddamn Gallows kicked ass! It was such a fun show and you could really tell the crowd was loving them. Everyone was dancing and singing their hearts out the whole night. I know our contest winner, Tracy, had a blast, too. She also got a pretty awesome t-shirt that we were quite jealous of. The Goddamn Gallows even had a fire breather at the end of their set and there was a guy with a wolf mask on that kept appearing on stage throughout the night...
If you don't know them yet and you enjoy banjos, accordions AND washboards like I do (and you know you do), I highly recommend looking them up, or going to see them at one of their next stops in Michigan in Grand Rapids on the 12th and Flint on the 13th.
You should also check out the other bands, The Night Market Revival and Noman, because they were just as fun! 
The guys from both bands were nice enough to meet up with us before going on last night. Check it out!


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