Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blowout 2012 - Night #3

 Well the blowout is officially over. The whole weekend was fun, but last night was probably the least eventful night. Although, The Muggs and Glossies were great, there was a completely different crowd and not many other good bands. Here are our highlights from the night.

So overall for the weekend, we had some definite favorites that we would like to share with you.
Best performance- Wilson
Biggest surprise for a band- Best in the Field (#2 would definitely be Butter Made All-Stars)
Best venue- New Dodge 
Best bar not included in the Blowout- Suzy's
Best bathroom- Mars Bar
Best drink pour- Small's
Worst drink pour- Paychecks
Best sound guy- New Dodge

As you can tell, we liked the New Dodge a lot. We had fun at every show we went to. Thanks again to all the bands that met up with us! 


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