Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Is Here!

Mother nature must be going through menopause because this year spring blasted into full effect with the debut of an 80 degree day today. Luckily in Michigan, you can bar-hop through a city and hike through the woods within a 30 mile radius. This means an outdoor experience in a great park or wooded area is never far away.  It can be just as fun to enjoy the outdoor activities as it can be to see a great band in the city.

For the first day of spring I called a friend and asked her to go for a hike on my favorite trail in Rochester, Bloomer Park. We walked on the Clinton River Trail to get into the wooded area where you can walk up and down the slow rolling hills. We also found what I like to call "death stairs" and made our way to the top huffing and puffing.  The greenery on the trail is just starting to bloom and there are small chipmunks and other animals coming out to play all around. I love to see the growth of all the fungus and moss on the ground and all over the fallen trees. It is  a place that is prettier than any picture I could paint.

Bloomer park is located on the Clinton River Trail which connects to The Paint Creek Trail and  the Orchard Lake Trail. This also turns into about 5 other trails whose names I never remember. The point is, you are able to ride a bike from Rochester to Lake Orion or to Romeo without having to get off trails, and it is pretty the entire way. Throughout this ride there are many different places like Bloomer Park to ride stunt courses or to go hiking. It really is an amazing creation built on the path of old train tracks.  

Bloomer park also features one of the most aggressive Velodromes in the states. They have their own web page that you can check out here.  That kind of riding is a little to intense for me, but it is fun to go watch. The schedule is also up on their website.  

We encourage you to get outside, get active, and have fun. If you know of any other great trails to walk or ride please email us at We are always looking for a new place to explore!


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  1. The trail extends past Romeo. It actually goes all the way to Richmond!