Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday Night Avalanche

I ended up having a free Friday night, so I went on the website and saw there was a Black Iris Booking Show at the Magic Stick. I discovered that they always book great acts and have good shows. So, without knowing much about the band, I went to check out I Am The Avalanche. They played for about an hour to a decent crowd in the lounge upstairs. I was super happy to see that the doors to the patio were finally open! I got a couple of fun pictures to share with you and I enjoyed the show. The music is upbeat and fun and there were lots of people singing along and having a great time. I Am The Avalanche is from New York and they were very happy to have such a good group of fans showing their love in Detroit. 
Check out a clip of them here:

Thanks for another fun Friday Black Iris Booking, its nice we know we can count on your for a good time!


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