Friday, June 3, 2016

New Music From Boudoir Noir

Boudoir Noir released their latest EP called Endless Dawn this week. The sensational sounds of Maria's voice pairs perfectly with Beni Schlatter's drums and Graham Rockwood bass to create a seductive musical dance for you ears. When you see them perform live, Maria's stage performance mimics the music to create an out of this world visual experience that takes the art of performance to another level. Boudoir is a band that you experience, not just music that you listen to.

Download the new album and spend a few minutes reading our latest interview with Maria about the album and the upcoming release shows. Then, mark your calenders to celebrate the release the way it was meant to be experienced, live and in person. Boudoir Noir has put together one of the sexiest lineups of the summer. They have teamed up with Rarewolf, The Old Adage, and Odd Hours to create a one of a kind night that will be as cool to watch as it is to listen to. This will be a treat for your ears, eyes, and minds.

HID- Where did you record the EP?
BN- "We recorded everything in our home studio. Then we went to 54 Sound in Ferndale to mix it and had it mastered in New Jersey by Joe Lambert."

HID- What was it like working with Tunde Olaniran?
BN- "An absolute blast! Tunde has creativity spilling out of his ears. He is an absolute focused, creative force of energy in the studio. He was also the only person my cat would let pet her, so that says a lot in my book."

HID- Why did you name the new EP Endless Dawn?
BN- "Endless Dawn represents a never ending chance to begin again. It's also about connecting to the never ending source of light and energy, if you want to take it to that level. This album was a chance for us to start over musically and explore a new sound that resonated with us more, in this new stage of our lives."

HID- Your live shows are very physical. How do you prepare for your live shows?
BN- "I love doing yoga before a show. It helps me to center, to get out of my head and come back into my body. It also reminds me that music is a gift that should be shared, and it's not about my ego."

HID- How did you learn to dance with the Egyptian wings?
BN- "I learned from the academy of YouTube, meaning I watched YouTube videos and danced in front of a mirror. Ha!"

HID- Who does all your visuals for the EP and the website? The pictures are beautiful!
BN- "The EP graphics were done by my lovely cousin Shelby Harmon. Since we were little we always talked about ways to collaborate her art with my music, so it was a thrill to make that happen. Our photos were done by the wonderful Spilt Sugar. She's also an amazing silk aerialist dancer, so she knows how to beautifully capture the movement of artists. We're working on finding a venue with the right ceiling to have her dance with us at one of our shows as well."

HID- Where will the EP release party take place?
BN- "At Soggy Bottom Bar in Flint on June 17th, then we're doing a Detroit show on July 16th at Northern Lights Lounge.

HID- Who is opening the show?
BN- "In Flint it's Alexander Lynch and Phosphor Elephants. In Detroit it's RareWolf, Odd Hours and The Old Adage."

HID- Do you have any special looks planned out for the release show?
BN- "We definitely have some things up our sleeves. *Wink, Wink"

HID- What fests are you playing this summer?
BN- "We're playing Hell's Half Mile fest in September, Detroit RiverDays on June 24th, The Blue Water Fest in Port Huron and we're also working on playing the Detroit fests like DIY Street Fair, Arts Beats and Eats and Dally, if they're having it this year. We'd also love to play Theatre Bizarre. Our live show would go perfectly there."

HID- What bands have you been listening to lately?
BN- "I love this question! I'm in love with all of the Detroit bands that are kicking ass right now: Valley Hush, Ancient Language, James Linck, BevLove, all the bands playing our shows with us and so many many more."

HID- Is there anything else you would like our fans to know?
BN- "We have some amazing scented soy candles that I make in an engraved wine glass. They smell incredible, and they're the perfect thing for a night in your Boudoir. They're available on our website- and at our shows."


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