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Get Ready to Hit the Road with Paws Buzz Go!

Summer is here and it's safe to say that all of us are anxious to get out there and go on an adventure! Whether you're looking to take a road trip across the country or just get away for the day, there are so many amazing things to see and places to check out. Sometimes it's hard to decide just where you want to go. 

Well, our friend Jessica Knapik is an adventure extraordinaire! You may recognize Jessica as the babe serving up drinks behind the bar at Imperial, but when she's not hard at work there, chances are that she's out on the road and her partner in crime Bean is by her side! 

Jessica recently started a new blog to share her travels and travel tips with the world. Paws Buzz Go documents her amazing road trips along with suggestions of attractions to hit along the way, but she takes it a step further than most travel sites. Since she always has her four legged friend by her side, she specializes in traveling with your dog. Another thing that Jessica loves to incorporate in her trips is tattoos. Since these are all things that a lot of our readers also love, we wanted to introduce you to Jessica, Bean and Paws Buzz Go. Check out what she had to say in this interview below and get some tips from this travel pro before you hit the road. Hopefully after reading her advice, your dog will be right by your side for the ride! 
HID- What is Paws Buzz Go?Jessica- "Paws Buzz Go is a website dedicated to pets, tattoos, and travel. It's where you wanna go, how to bring your dog on the whole trip, and who to stop and get tattooed by along the way. Basically things I will never get sick of talking about."

HID- Why did you decide to start this blog?
Jessica- "Before I go on a trip I do several weeks worth of research. Different sites offer different things. Some are geared towards family travel, some are based on pet travel, some are based on wholesome things, while others are based on super weird roadside stuff. My aim was to make Paws Buzz Go kind of one stop shopping. Everyone loves their dog, most everyone loves to travel, so I want people to see us (Bean & I) out there, get stoked, and plan a trip."

HID- Out of all of the cities that you have visited so far, which is the most pet friendly?
Jessica- "Pittsburgh is super dog friendly... lots of pet friendly patios, an awesome riverwalk, etc.. Washington, D.C. is very dog friendly, parks evvvvverrywhere, and you can bring your dog right up to the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and right in front of the White House. Rapid City, South Dakota was super dog friendly. We stayed at a haunted hotel that welcomed dogs called The Hotel Alex Johnson, and the bar connected to it allowed Bean inside, so that was rad. :)"

HID- What's your favorite place that you have visited so far? That might be a little to broad... How about your favorite landmark, attraction, or stop so far?
Jessica- "Favorite place so far I'd say is Badlands National Park in 
South Dakota. A lot of South Dakota is flat, but then things start to look different and there's a wall of mountain that comes into view... When you enter the park and get out it just feels like you're on another planet. The air is different, it's sooo quiet, and the views will make your jaw drop. Plus there are bison, longhorn sheep, prairie dogs everywhere, it's all just alive and moving. A field of about 100 prairie dogs screamed bloody murder at me. It was so loud and ridiculous and cute. They chilled out a little once they realized I had dried bananas. ;) I can't wait to go back someday."

HID- What about your favorite pet friendly hotel?
Jessica- "Hotel Allegro in Chicago. It's fancy, beautiful, in the best location, and they give you a little doggie welcome bag when you get there that includes a door hanger saying there's a dog inside your hotel room, a pack of dog waste bags, some treats, and a little list of surrounding dog parks."

HID- Have you come across any cities that you wouldn't suggest traveling to with a pup or pet?
Jessica- "There were parts of Iowa that were a little hard to find a pet friendly hotel... Also big cities are really starting to piss me off with the pet hotel fees. Some hotels in Chicago charge $75 per night per dog (so imagine if you were traveling with 2!) and that's on TOP of the regular room rate. Also let me use this opportunity to say a big fat BOOOOOOO to the Omni Hotel in Charlotte, NC. Their pet fee per night is $150 per dog. Gtfoooooo... Don't say you're a dog friendly hotel and then make it impossible for people to stay there. I see you Omni Hotel. -_-"

HID- What are three things that everyone should know about your partner in crime, Bean?
Jessica- "Let's seeeee... 1. He is a Boston Terrier/French Bulldog mix. 2. He's actually not from Michigan, he's from Zanesville, OH. So he had his very first road trip at 8 wks old, traveling 4 1/2 hours to Michigan. 3. His favorite thing on earth is pita bread. If you set down a steak, and some pita bread, he'd go for the bread."

HID- Your pictures of Bean are absolutely adorable! It seems like he really loves to travel! Give us five tips for travelling with a four legged friend.
Jessica- "Thank you so much. :) He genuinely does, he smiles the entire time, and even on long drives where he could curl up in his car seat and go to sleep, he like forces himself to stay awake so he doesn't miss a thing. 
I guess that would be my first tip, 1. get a car seat, or some kind of restraint or harness belt for your dog. Accidents happen, and you don't want your dog hurt, or flying out your windshield. Bean's car seat was pricey, but worth it. 2. BABY WIPES... No one should travel without them. Dogs go to the bathroom, you don't wanna set your dog on your car seat if he's funky. :\ or you're gonna knock over your coffee, or who knows what. Baby wipes help everything. 3. Bean get's super finicky on the road, too over excited, too distracted, never wants his regular dog food from home. I suggest packing some good healthy treats, that are new to them, and also some canned dog food that will also seem like a treat. You don't want them getting dehydrated or run down when you're far away from home. 4. Bring a travel dog bed for the hotel room. Most hotel beds are way too high, and your dog will feel uncomfortable in a strange place when you have to leave the hotel without them. So give them that little space that's just theirs to curl up in. 5. Ask fast food places for shallow bowls to give your doggie water in. Most places have side salads and that bowl is perfect, and Starbucks cardboard oatmeal cups are great too. And bagel shops have cream cheese containers and those are the perfect size and reusable."

HID- There's one other aspect of your site that we can't forget to touch on. Tattoos! Who are some of your favorite tattoo artists across the country?

Jessica- "Gosh there are so many... Tim Beck in Peoria, IL... Bert Krak in Brooklyn, Annie Frenzel currently in San Antonio, TX... David Bruehl in Tampa, FL. .. Steve Byrne in Austin, TX... Chriss Dettmer in Hamburg, Germany... Tomas Garcia in Canonsburg, PA./Barcelona, Spain.. Chad Koeplinger, forever on the road... I could go on for days so I'm just gonna stop now. Haha"

HID- Is there anyone that you really want to get work done by, but you haven't had the chance to yet?
Jessica- "I had an appointment with Steve Boltz at Smith Street in Brooklyn, then the day before I was supposed to leave to drive there, they started closing off eastern Pennsylvania highways and New York roads to prep for Hurricane Sandy. I never would've made it. Then the hurricane hit and it was obviously catastrophic and the shop couldn't open for days, etc. Soooo that one still haunts me. It's gotta happen."

HID- Any big travel plans for the summer? Where to next?Jessica- "I think next is a big circle through Canada then into Boston and Maine, etc., then loop down and visit NY, and roll home through Pennsylvania... Also need to hit New Orleans asap, and Colorado is on the short list... Sooooo every single direction really. haha.. Can't stop won't stop."

HID- Is there anything else that you would like to let our readers know?
Jessica- "Just to check out, feel free to use the contact form with any travel questions! Check us out on Instagram and Facebook... And lastly, Summer is so short, hell life is so short... So take the time, take the days off, just go. Most of my trips cost next to nothing. You don't need a lot of money, just pick a direction and go, you'll be glad you did. :)"
All Photos Courtesy of Paws Buzz Go

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