Friday, June 24, 2016

Meet Lin-Say: The Queen of NuMotown

Photo by Marc Nader

Detroit is known for Motown Records, but if Lin-Say has anything to do with it, someday soon it will be known for NuMotown. That's what she is calling her brand of pop with a touch of soul. She makes upbeat soulful pop songs that get stuck in your head. You can hear two of her tracks here to get a feel for her style. You can also check out her first music video for the song "U Gonna Learn", which was shot right here in Detroit. If you like what you see and hear, read on to learn more about Lin-Say and then head out to Good Night Gracies tonight to see her sing live and in person!

HID- Why Lin-Say? Any meaning behind the spelling or the name? 
L- "My Mom wanted it spelled with no D to be unique, so after everyone pointing out there was was no "D" in my name, I decided to accentuate my artist name to: Lin-Say"

HID- Where the hell is Olivet, MI?
L- "30 miles southwest of Lansing. LOL! It's just a little town in the country."

HID- What does the term NuMotown mean?
L- "It means, I'm bringing it back!"

HID- When did you start singing? Who inspired you to become a vocalist?
L- "I started singing in church when I was little. I think the "Oldies Radio" stations songs inspired me to start singing."

HID- Where did you record your new album "Shut Up and Pick Me Up"?
L- "I recorded the new album at The Elevator Building downtown Detroit, the water side of the building, with Dilan Wade and Tapwater Productions."

HID- What's the scariest part about singing in front of people?
L- "My nerves right before I start singing."

HID- What was it like to work with Yorg on the song "Almost Famous"?
L- "That song is very theatrical, so creating it had a Broadway vibe to it."

HID- Where did you film the music video for "U Gonna Learn"?
L- "At The Russell Industrial Center in Detroit!

HID- Do you actually own that piano that is featured in the video?
L- "No, we bought it off of Craigslist for $200 and painted it green! It played pretty well too, it was a shame we had to do what we did with it, lol, but well worth it."

HID- Do you have any upcoming shows?
L- "Yes, at Good Night Gracies in Royal Oak, MI on June, 24th, 2016 - 10 p.m.-1 a.m."

HID- Who have you been listening to lately?
L- "I've been listening to a new genre called Electro Pose and Kendrick Lamar."

HID- Is there anything else you would like our readers to know?
L- "My next album "Old School Child" featuring T-Money Green, has all the eclectic sounds I love from growing up, mixed with my new G funk style, which makes it into what I call a masterpiece! AKA NuMotown!"


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