Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Meet Mango Lane

Last week Mango Lane released their first full length album at The Loving Touch in Ferndale. The group, headed by Jack Engwall and Austin Carpenter, make music that crosses genres from funk to pop, creating a unique sound that the band classifies as "Sex Pop". The band recorded the new album, TV Feelings, on their own at Austin's home. It's 7 tracks long and can be heard on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, and bandcamp. Check it out for yourself below, then head over and purchase your own copy on bandcamp for just $5.

Before the release show, we caught up with Mango Lane outside The Loving Touch. Get to know the band and check out what they had to say below.

Mango Lane is a young band, but they're definitely making a name for themselves already! Make sure you head over and give them a like on Facebook and keep an eye out for upcoming shows this summer. 


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  1. I like these guys...kink of like old-school Steely Dan with a modern jazz twist.