Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hips Resale

Clawson has never been known for having a hopping downtown area, but in the last few years some great stores and bars have popped up. Downtown now features a brewery, a few bars, Noble Fish (the best sushi place in Michigan), Sparked Glass (a very cool space if you haven't checked it out) and a cool little resale shop called Hips.

After driving past Hips a few hundred times and coveting some of the merchandise that they were posting on Facebook, I decided that it was time to stop in and see what it was all about.

Hips is a resale boutique for people who have hips. I am one of those ladies and I cannot tell you how many times I haven been disappointed by other resale shops.You go in looking for something cool and unique and immediately walk about because other than one mu-mu, there is nothing in your size. Hips specializes in clothing for women 12 plus, they also have shoes for those with wide feet and calves. They have all sorts of accessories, including purses, jewelry, stockings, and more.  

The space smells great (they have a cookie candle burning) and is decorated very well. They have things organized by type, color, and style. They also have little cut outs and blurbs on top of the racks about the latest styles and how to wear them. When you walk in the manager greets you and helps you find what you are looking for. Good service, cute store,  great idea.

The Clawson store is one of two locations, the other is located Roseville. They buy clothes and sell clothes, so this is a chance for all the plus size ladies to turn all their old duds into new finds, or at least make a little money off of that shopping addiction. To find out more about the buy days and each locations' hours visit their website here.
They also sell some of the merchandise online, which means you can get something you like without even making the drive.

Check out our interview with Alley, the manager of the Clawson store, and stop in the next time you clean out your closet or are looking to make something old into something new.


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  1. I love shopping at both locations! Awesome clothes at great prices.