Monday, October 13, 2014


Last weekend I met some friends at M-Brew in Ferndale to get a quick dinner. I was not familiar with the place so I Googled it and found out that it was an arcade/restaurant/bar/breakfast spot that took over the old VFW's space. I was intrigued and unsure of what I would find, there are not a lot of reviews online yet.

What I found was one of the cutest little spots I have ever seen. It is essentially a giant old house with a wrap around porch that has been turned into a very cozy place to enjoy some of the savoriest foods that I have ever eaten. For dinner we all shared a few baskets of fries, a loose burger that is made with a pizza role instead of a bun, a pulled pork sandwich, and a large fully loaded Greek salad. For dessert, we shared a cupcake and a piece of pumpkin pie. I drank a little Blake's Hard Cider to wash it all down while my dining mates enjoyed one of the many beers on tap.
I had such a great time sitting in front of the fireplace and chatting that I came back a few days later to try their breakfast. I had a fresh brewed pumpkin flavored black coffee and a large, and I mean large, breakfast sandwich with cheese and egg on it. They also had items like muffins, pies, donuts, and a breakfast pizza with bacon all over it.

Everything that this place serves is full of fat, calories, and deliciousness. This isn't a place to come when you're on a diet, this is a place to come when you want to enjoy something sweet or savory. The food and drinks are all reasonably priced and the staff is incredibly fun and friendly. I love all of the large windows and cute rustic decorations. Right now, it really feels like fall in there.
They also have a small arcade downstairs that has a lot of favorites. This is a great place to take kids who need to be entertained.  They also have a lot of pinball games to play for all those pin fanatics.
M-Brew is loacted at 177 Vester St. in Ferndale, MI. They offer Michigan Craft Café and Carry out. They also have Growlers and Howlers to go or pints to stay. You can view a full version of their menu here and a menu of all the beers on tap here.

I have a feeling that I am going to be here a lot more than I should be!


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