Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hell City Annual

This Saturday, October 4th Hell City Records will be taking over the New Dodge Lounge. This record label was originally started by two friends, Jason Lockwood and Robert Enell. When Jason passed away a few years ago an amazing woman named Jennifer Koss stepped up and made sure that Jason and Rob's baby kept going. I have always respected her for taking this on and I wanted to take this opportunity to ask her about Hell City. Running a small local label isn't easy, it's a huge job and she has taken it on and done so well.

This year the The Amino Acids, Axe Ripper, Lockgnar, Manic Outburst, Best Idea Ever, Fires in Japan, SUB, Aggro or Die, Dead Church, Sweat, Karmic Lava, The Failures, and Come out Fighting
will all be playing. It is only $13 to get in the door and the show starts at 6 p.m. Hype Ignition will also be in house screen printing some shirts. There will be drink specials, including one that is called The Lockwood.  It will be a  night to celebrate the past, present, and future of Hell City Records.
HID- When did you take over Hell City Records and why?
Jenn Koss of HCR- "Jason Lockwood brought me on about six months before we lost him to suicide. Rob Enell gave me 50% of the business the morning of his funeral when I was tattooing his ankle at 6:00 am. Which he thought it would be a good idea to care for the tattoo with Astroglide and promptly after the service we headed to the shop to remove his sock from his tattoo, too funny. After the first year with Rob, I took over HCR. Rob will always be a part of HCR. Although, I have brought on added help from an amazing sound engineer, David Miseveth and Damon Trestain from Sawchuk. Both of these amazing fellas were in bands with Jason Lockwood."

HID- What does Hell City mean to you?
HCR- "Hell City Records, means Love for our music scene and family. Moreover continuing a legacy of a great man, that I strive every day to make proud of what HCR has become."

HID- What does local music mean to you and why?
HCR- "The local music scene is amazing and I love supporting it. Their energy and hard work, passion for music in general is amazing. I love them all."

HID- How many bands are currently on the label?
HCR- "Past and Present-21"

HID- What band are you most looking forward to watching out of the lineup for the night?
HCR-  "I’m looking forward to all of them of course. I’m excited to have 2 stages at New Dodge Lounge. I don’t think that has been done in this scene, at least not for awhile. I do know the space is small but larger than most of the basements in the area that have shows. : )"

HID- Why did you ask Cabresto and Suck it Suicide to be part of this event ?
HCR- "Suck It Suicide is always welcomed at all HCR shows. Katie Hardy and I have been working together since Best Friends Fest a few years ago, we’ve been great friends ever since! I’m a supporter of her cause and love to help infiltrate her message into the local music scene.

I met Mike Sickinger from Cabresto at the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival and we immediately hit it off talking shop. Now, we are currently working on a few projects together. I love working with him, he’s a great guy. Dave Miseveth and Andrea Bonaventura had a great time on his show last night on"

HID- What type of shirts will Hype Ignition be printing?
HCR- "Scott Boyink and I usually figure it out a few days before, lol. You can expect nothing less than something amazing. Hype Ignition always goes above and beyond my expectations."

HID- Where do you see Hell City in five years?
HCR- "I hate to project. I am a very “in the now” person. Right now, we are doing very well and working with some great bands."

HID- Anything else that you would like our readers to know?
HCR- "We have Hell City Records currently working with 3 new bands that we would love for everyone to check out.

Axe Ripper
Pick Axe Preacher
S.U.B. Some Uncoordinated Bastards

Our friend Andrea Bonaventura from New Dodge Lounge also has some great drink specials for the October 4th show:

HELL CITY: Chilled shot of habenero infused vodka
BEST IDEA EVER: Watermelon margaritas with Cabresto Tequila *
AXE RIPPER: Gin & Hot Sauce
KARMIC LAVA'S LAVA: Rumchata, Vanilla Vodka, Kailua
THE JOLLY: Ghost pepper infused Cabresto Tequila *
THE LOCKWOOD: Cabresto Tequila * simple syrup, Squirt"



  1. Thank you Hip In Detroit for your kind words and continual support of this amazing Detroit music scene. I love you girls! #spoiledindetroit


  3. Great article, an no worries, but to clarify a few things:

    1. Hell City Records started in 2004 (LLC in 2005 which we consider at times the origin) out of a conversation with my best friend Jason Lockwood and I when he was in a band called the Whiskey Diaries. He was inquiring why he couldn't start his own label, and we had a half joking conversation turn into a reality. Music was Jason's passion and dream. I was very happy to be a part of it.

    2. I am still officially full owner of Hell City Records after Jason passed away. Jenn Koss will be taking over a percent hopefully sometime soon as I step away as not an active owner or member. I want to focus on our family and bringing our community together in a different light. Music will be a piece but I am branching out.

    3. Jenn Koss has been running Hell City Records with some help from many others since Jason passed away. There are to many to name here but from the bottom of my heart I appreciate it. I mentioned this before how when a community comes together, looks at it as a greater family great things will come. This is and always be a foundation for HCR. Again thank you and hopefully as we come together like this event we can unite and help each and everyone of us find and succeed at their dreams whatever they are.

    4. Hell City Records name came from a Whiskey Diaries song describing Jason's feelings about coming back home after touring. "Hell City I am coming home...".

    5. Hip in Detroit is amazing and very excited for how awesome it has become. Thank you Sadie and all involved for such a great thing.

    6. Although I won't be at the event because of personal matters I will be there in spirit, with each song, smile, laugh and all.

    7. Hell City Records started from a conversation with know knowledge, but we tried and did it. There will be challenges but you can accomplish your dreams, just believe in it, seek and share knowledge.

    8. I am always down to talk and discuss how we can change the Detroit music scene and other things in a positive way.

    Again thank you to everyone who has been with HCR and helped along the way, it means a lot, and more than you realize.

    With much love and respect.

    Robert Enell