Thursday, October 23, 2014

Detroit Cocktail Classic

Pulp Detroit, Liquid Events, and Bailout Productions have teamed up to create the Detroit Classic Cocktail Gala which will be taking place this Saturday, October 25th at the Garden Theater in Detroit. The event will bring together Detroit's finest cocktail makers including The Oakland, Two James, Roast, USBG Greater Detroit, Craftwork, Firebird Tavern, Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company, Rock City Eatery, Republic, and Joe Muer Seafood. Each participant was teamed up with a liquor and asked to create a specialty cocktail for the event. For $40 you can purchase a ticket to the event and get tickets to sample 15 drinks while you walk around. Will Sessions will provide the musical entertainment during the event.

Public House will be hosting a hangover brunch the next day Saturday., October 25th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The hangover brunch will be serving up Bloody Mary's, handcrafted bathtub gin, and lots of food specials. It is free to get into the hangover brunch.

This whole event sounds like a great time, so we asked Travis Fourmont from Bailout Productions to answer a few more questions about it to give our readers the exclusive scoop. Check out what he has to say and click here to purchase a ticket to the event if it strikes your fancy.

Here is a video teaser you can also check out!

Hip In Detroit- Why did you choose the Detroit Garden Theater for the first Detroit Cocktail Classic event?
Travis- "We chose the Garden Theater for the first Detroit Cocktail Classic for several reasons. First, we feel the Garden Theater is large enough for house the event and the space has a great flow. Also, we feel the space is underutilized and many people haven’t had a chance to check it out. In addition, it is right in the middle of town with a great parking structure behind the building to accommodate the crowd."

Hip In Detroit- How did you decide which bars would be included? 
Travis- "We chose bars and restaurants that we feel contribute to the growing cocktail seen of Detroit. Choosing the participating establishments was the hardest part of organizing this event. There are so many great bars and restaurants and we have limited space. Also, some bars we would like to participate are very busy and can’t spare the time on a weekend. Obviously, that is a great problem to have."

Hip In Detroit- According to the press release, each bar was given a liquor to create a craft cocktail out of. Did they get to pick that liquor or did they  have to experiment with what they were given? 
Travis- "All bars were assigned a premium spirit to showcase. You will be able to view their recipes at Also, you can check out our event page on FB for recipes and updates."

Hip In Detroit- $40 gets you in the door with 15 samples of the cocktails, can you purchase more once you're there?
Travis- "Presale tickets are $40 for 15 samples and yes you can buy more. In my experience, attendees almost never purchase more. 15 samples are more than enough. It will allow you to sample everyone’s drinks and then go back to your favorite for one or two more."

Hip In Detroit- Why do you think that Craft Cocktail has caught on and spread so fast throughout the Metro Detroit Area?
Travis- "Craft Cocktails spread quickly around the Detroit area for a number of reasons. You have to give huge credit the bars and restaurants that serve these delicious concoctions and promote the culture. I feel places like Roast, The Oakland and Sugarhouse where instrumental in kick-starting our craft cocktail seen and continue to inspire. Moreover, the bartenders and wait staff that execute craft cocktails daily are the true driving force for our market."

Hip In Detroit- Do you have a favorite bar to get craft cocktails?
Travis- "I don’t have a favorite bar, but I must say I spend more time at The Oakland Art and Novelty Company in Ferndale than anywhere else. I live close and the staff is amazing! And of course, they serve a proper drink."

Hip In Detroit- What is your favorite craft cocktail and why?
Travis- "I like all kinds of cocktails, but currently I’ve been drinking a Boulevardier made with Old Forester 100 proof. To me, it is perfectly balanced.
2 Parts Old Forester 100 proof
1 Part Dolin Rouge Vermouth
1 Part Campari"

Hip In Detroit- Anything else that you would like our readers to know? 
Travis- "For those who haven’t been sold on the craft cocktail craze I challenge you to attend this event. There will be many different cocktails and you are bound to be inspirited by one. Make sure you bring a crew and definitely plan calling a cab."


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