Friday, October 31, 2014

Hip In Detroit Has You Covered with Last Minute Costume Ideas!

Halloween is officially here and chances are you either don't have a costume yet or you already ruined your awesome costume at all of the parties last weekend. Well, fear not. We have perused the interwebs for some of the best and easiest costume ideas out there!

Rosie the Riveter- Red bandanna and a blue button down shirt and you're good to go! Empower women and look cute too. (Who said feminists can't be cute?) Here's a video that gives you some tips on how to do your hair and makeup!

Facebook- It didn't go over so well for Jim, but if your fellow party goers are a little more hip to the times than the characters on The Office, you should get a laugh or two. Add in The Office reference and it's a double win.

Kid/Baby- Everyone did this a time or two when they were a teenager. Throw on some PJs, put your hair in pigtails, draw a few freckles on, and grab your favorite stuff animal. You'll be comfier than everyone else all night and you don't have to change into pajamas at the end of the night!

Ghost- Go old school. Be a ghost. If you have a white sheet, you are in business.

Nickleback- This one is pretty corny, but pretty fun too. Have a bunch of nickles? Attach them to the back of your shirt and voila, you are Nickle Back! Get it???

 If you have a sheet, but you don't want to be a ghost you can always take the more offensive route! We've seen a lot of renditions on this costume, but basically all you need is a white sheet or white clothes, a rope, and some red dye or food coloring. You get the idea.

Dead Person/Zombie/Something Dead- Got some makeup? Or even dirt and red jelly? Be a dead version of yourself, the dead version of whatever your were last year, a zombie, etc. Just look pale, rub some dirt on yourself and your clothes, and look bloody. (We're not sure if the jelly thing will work, but if you don't have fake blood, it's worth a try!)

Nerd- If you have glasses, this one will be pretty easy to do. Mismatch your clothes, hike your pants up a bit, stick a few pencils in your pocket or carry around some books. Easy peasy!

Hippie/'80s/'90/'50s/Any Other Decade- We're sure you have some retro clothes in your closet. Pick the decade you have the most gear from and go with it!

Mr. Rogers- Grab a cardigan and some house shoes and you're good to go!

Quale Man- This one takes a little more effort, but you probably have the stuff hanging in your closet. Khaki shorts? Belt that will fit around your head? Green Shirt? Tighty Whiteys? Check, check, check and check!

Anything with a box- Have a box laying around the house? Get creative! Rubix Cube, Robot, Oven... the possibilities are endless!


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