Monday, May 12, 2014

Frank White's "All Glory Is Fleeting" - Your Fucking New Favorite CD

If you're anything like me you probably listen to a lot of music. I check out lots of different bands and have a shit ton of albums. But, every once in a while you are lucky enough to come across an album that is simply fucking awesome. That happened to me last week when the new release from Frank White was sent my way.

Frank White is finally releasing a full length album entitled All Glory Is Fleeting. Along with all Frank White fans, we have been waiting for this for a long time. And, let me tell you, it is well worth the wait. The guys come out of the gate swingin' right on the first track and don't let up. "1%" is right in your fuckin' face and will probably become the new anthem for a lot of the Detroit punk rockers. That song and most on this album are bound to make you want to grab your friend, throw a beer up in the air, and sing along. If you are a fan of the popular Frank White song "Live Forever" you will love this album as there are a whole slew of new songs for you to belt out at the top of your lungs.

Last week Frank White leaked a new song off the album with an official stream on Dying Scene, which you can check out here. The track, "Fade Away", features a guitar solo by the band's long time friend Ryan Collins (The Swellers). Actually, they called in quite a few friends to be a part of this album, with additional solos from Mike Supina (A Wilhelm Scream), Pat Supina on the keys (The Mutants) and guest appearances by Matt Wixson, Jeff Supina, Jimmy V and Alex Thorpe. Let's just stick with the cliche sayings here and say that they pulled out all the stops. After taking some time off as a band, they've been waiting a long time for this release and they knew their fans had been too. So they just fucking went for it and it fucking paid off.

And let me take a minute to apologize for all of the "f-bombs" in here. After listening to this CD more times than I can count, Frank White's continuous use of "fuck" throughout all of the songs must have just rubbed off on me. At the end of the album, after a very "Bourgeois Filth-esque" thank you sequence, they even add a fuck you. Probably the perfect way to end the album. (Sorry to the guys in Frank White for the spoiler).

So, if you want to check out All Glory Is Fleeting for yourself, it is being released on Bandcamp on Tuesday, May 13th.
It will be available for download there or if you want a hard copy, head out to the New Dodge on Tuesday, May 20th to pick up a CD. Frank White will be playing that night with The Shell Corporation, Fires In Japan, and a special acoustic performance by Break Anchor. But, even if you want to wait 'til the show to pick up a CD, do yourself a favor and head over to their Bandcamp and listen to the songs before then. You'll be happy you can sing along next week! (Make sure you check out "Get It Right" - It will be in your head all day, but you won't be pissed about it.) Entry to the release show is only $8 and 18+ are welcome. You can get more details on that here.

Congratulations to Frank White on recording and putting out such a good fucking album. We have a feeling this is going to be the soundtrack for a lot of parties this summer!


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