Friday, May 16, 2014

Checking In With Flat Broke Before Their Show on Sunday!

This Sunday head out to the New Dodge to check out Flat Broke. The Detroit punk rock band just released their first album in over 5 years, entitled Four Corners. With not all of the members living in Michigan anymore, writing the album had its own challenges. But thanks to the good ol' internet, they pulled it off. The band just released the album and are currently out on a short weekend tour in support of it. You can stream it online here and then pick up a hard copy when the band heads back to town on Sunday.

Flat Broke will be hitting the stage at the New Dodge with S.U.B., The Hangdowns and Crooked Cobras from Pittsburgh. Entry is only $5 and doors open at 7 p.m. We caught up with the band while they are on the road to talk a bit about the show and the new album. Here's what they had to say.

HID- How would you explain Flat Broke to someone who has never heard you before?
Flat Broke- "Motor City Street Punk"

HID- It was a minute since you guys played together. What made you decide to "reunite" and put out a new album?
Flat Broke- "Burning desire".

HID- Explain your new album "Four Corners" in three words or less.
Flat Broke- "Post angst-angst"

HID- While you were working on this album you guys were spread across the country. How did that work?
Flat Broke- "Email, Skype, demos, and lots of solo practicing for everyone."

HID- You're heading out on the road for a weekend tour. Tell us about that. Why Madison, St. Louis and Pittsburgh?
Flat Broke- "Just promoting the new album and label. And touring is good fun, not our first time out. Pittsburgh has always been our second home. Wisconsin and St. Louis are wild cards. New people really looking forward to playing for."

HID- Your Facebook mentions at a Fall tour. Any hints on where you might be headed?
Flat Broke- "Haha no comment!"

HID- Alright, let's go down memory lane for a minute. Flat Broke has played together for a while now. What was the craziest show you've played or the craziest thing that happened as a band?
Flat Broke- "Haha um. .. Those are long stories! Craziest shit always happens in New York, Brooklyn to be exact. Tommy's Tavern and the trash bar."

HID- Why should everyone make sure they are at New Dodge on Sunday?
Flat Broke- "Everyone should come out to share a drink and hear some stories and listen to some great bands. S.U.B., the Hangdowns, awesome guys making great music. Crooked Cobras, my boys from Pittsburgh, these guys rip and will party your faces off! And... Flat Broke and free beer cozies!!!!!!"


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