Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Catching Up with Walls Of Jericho Before Their First Local Show in Years!!!

Over the last few years we have had the privilege of working with Black Iris Booking a lot. We feel that they bring some of the best punk, metal, and hardcore shows to town. They also help raise a lot of money for local charities whenever they get a chance, music is much more than a business to these ladies. This Saturday they have teamed up with Walls of Jericho and a charity called Relentless to raise money for a great cause.

I grew up going to Walls of Jericho shows and envied the band's front women Candace. In fact, when I was 19 years old she pierced my septum ring. I may not have the ring anymore, but I have the embarrassing pictures to prove it. Candace has always been and will always be a bad ass. She gets on stage and takes over a room in a way that most front people cannot. She is tough as nails and a great hardcore singer/songwriter.

WOJ have recruited Rebel Spies, From Hell, xTyrantx, and It Lies Within to join them on stage this Saturday, May17th at The Magic Stick to raise money for kids with cancer. There will be a weight lifting competition and lots of raffles for prizes, including massages, tattoos, and more.

Thanks to the ladies over at Black Iris we have one set of tickets to giveaway to the event that come with an extra special fan bonus. The winner of these tickets will actually get into the show early and get to watch WOJ sound check. To enter, please email your full name to hipindetroit@gmail.com. We will draw the lucky winner the morning of the show and email them details on how to claim their prize. Remember though, this event is for charity. So we expect you to take the $15 that you saved and put it towards some of the raffle prizes. Maybe you can be a lucky winner two times in one day!

Thanks to Black Iris we had the privilege to talk to Candace before this weekend's show. Check out what she had to say and will see you at The Stick!

HID- What inspired you to be part of this benefit show?
Candace- "It was actually our idea to do this benefit show. Last November I lifted at my first Relentless meet and again this past March. Every meet raises money for these brave, strong kids. Walls of Jericho is fortunate enough to give back to those who need it the most, through music. Walls of Jericho have always been about positive change for a better tomorrow. Now we have a way to watch our words come to life. It will be our first local show in years. All the bands on the bill are doing the show for free to support these kids. There will be tons of raffle items including tattoo, gym, and massage gift certificates, plus much more. We are also doing a Bench press competition at the show. Men and women who hit the most reps will receive awesome gift bags. It will be a great event!!!"

HID- Can you tell us a little about the group Relentless? How did you become involved with them and why?
Candace- "Relentless Detroit is: A non-profit that financially and spiritually supports children battling cancer and life threatening illnesses and their families. Last year we raised over $130,000 for 6 Michigan families and the Ally Jolie Baldwin Foundation.

I heard about this meet where Lifters worked together, providing hope to those who need it most. Instantly, I knew I had to be a part of it! Relentless is a great way to give back to the city to my hometown. It's not often that we get to help others while doing what we love to do most. I have always wanted to help those in need and Relentless was the perfect opportunity. I believe most people would give more if they knew how to help. So that is why we are having a benefit show. It's that easy to make a huge change in a little ones life, buy a ticket and make a difference!!"

HID- Walls of Jericho has taken lots of breaks over the years, but the band is about to release it fourth album. What made you guys decide it was time to record again?
Candace- "This last break we took was so I could start a family. I talked it over with the guys and they had my back 100%. On August 1st 2011, I had my baby girl Patsy. Once she was born I wasn't interested in touring right away. She is just now getting to the age where I feel more comfortable leaving now and then. But when I competed at Relentless, I knew my song writing was meant to go in that direction. This was the inspiration for a new album and for the 'Relentless' song."

HID- What is it like to be a female front woman in a male dominated industry?
Candace- "Challenging. I had to do everything twice as hard, and twice as well to be taken seriously. It's not for the weak of heart, I welcome the challenge."

HID- Has becoming a mother changed the way your write or perform?
Candace- "Yes for sure. My writing is now less about my trials and tribulations and more about perseverance. But I haven't changed too much. I am the same person with my daughter as on stage, except on stage I drop a few more F-bombs."

HID- Once upon a time you were a piercing artist, do you still do that? (P.S. You pierced my septum when I was 19!)
Candace- "Wow that is amazing. You still have it?? No I am not piercing anymore. Currently, my life basically consists of my family, Powerlifting and Music. I worked out of Eternal tattoos and the owner was amazing enough to let me come and go while we had tours, but around 2006 'Walls of Jericho' started touring full time and I had to leave the job behind."

HID- Did you choose the opening bands for this benefit? If so why?
Candace- "We chose a few. We knew that many of our friends would love to support the cause. We worked with Ramona the promoter to find the other bands we were less familiar with. Most of those involved with the show are people have been in the Detroit Music scene for twenty some years. Some of the newer bands are shaping what the scene is now and the future of it. Every band has selflessly come together to give HOPE to these kids and their families."

HID- How do you prepare to scream through a whole set? Do you lose your voice at times?
Candace- "I used to warm up with a beer, but I don't drink anymore so now its a pre-workout. I have lost it many of times, but always power through. We have never canceled a show due to me losing my voice. The guys help me out a little more and I get more time to jump in the crowd."

HID- Where do you hope to see WOJ in 5 years?
Candace- "Hopefully still doing shows and writing songs. We are not a band in it for anything more than the strong belief that music heals the world by healing people."

HID- If you could do it all over again would you? Why? Would you do anything differently ?
Candace- "YES in a heart beat!!. I needed Hardcore! Most people choose what they want to be a part of, hardcore chose me and it saved my life! It gave me a constructive way to express how angry I felt. It gave me a family when I felt utterly alone. It showed me that life doesn't have to be the road that was paved for you that its the path you create for yourself that matters.

Would I do anything differently? Yeah I might do my hair a bit differently, I look back of pictures from 1998 and wonder what the heck I was thinking lol!"

Ticket are available here and are only $15. Remember, this is for charity! The show starts at 7 p.m. and all ages are welcome. The Magic Stick is located at 4140 Woodward in Detroit.


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