Monday, March 24, 2014

Videos from James Linck's Album Release Show!

Last Thursday we visited The Lager House for James Linck’s album release. The night included performances by Tunde Olaniran, Passalacqua, and a set by Chris Jarvis. There were also guest appearances by Doc Waffles, Eddie Logix, and Little Animal. The Lager House was packed wall to wall and people seemed to have a blast. Tunde was a trooper and instead of canceling his show, he played an excellent set with a 101 degree fever. We got a few highlights of the night on film including a live performance of “Lights on Rider Anthem”, an interview with Mister and Blaksmith of Passalacqua, and a post show interview with a slightly hammered James Linck and Chris Jarvis. 

The coolest thing about this group of performers is that they support each other like family. When they all get together you can feel the power that music can have in Detroit. It can bring groups of people from all different backgrounds to the same place to have a good time. 

James' latest record, Fortress of Solitude, was released on New Fortune Records. They were kind enough to not only give us a copy for our collection, but they gave us a copy to give away to our readers! The album comes in a few different colors and each one has a different splash of color in the vinyl. This is the latest in a long line of great records that New Fortune has put out by Detroit artists. To enter to win the album and some Hip In Detroit swag, please email your full name and address to We will draw a winner and send them their goodies via snail mail. 

Thanks for having us out to the show and showing us such a great time!


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