Friday, March 21, 2014

Marche de le Nain Rouge

Some people swear there is a curse on the city of Detroit and it’s hard not to agree with them at times. We are a city that has seen its string of bad luck, but were also a city of people who refuse to give up. The legend of the Nain Rouge is a perfect example of Detroiters taking action against even the toughest odds. 

In 1702 Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac the french founder of Detroit claimed he was having dreams of a little red devil. He went to see a fortune teller and was told that devil that he dreamt of was the Nain Rouge, also known as the harbinger of doom. The fortune teller told Antoine that if he choose to settle in the straits between Michigan and Ontario he might turn a profit, but it would be a long uphill battle fraught with setbacks. Eventually, Cadillac saw the little red devil in person and instead of running or cowering in fear he chose to confront him, he chased the Nain Rouge away with a stick. His fatal mistake was to let the Nain see his face. The Nain continued to taunt him nonstop after he settled in those plains, he eventually had to return to France penniless.

Cadillac had courage against all odds and stood up to fight, a defining characteristic of the city he founded now called Detroit. When Cadillac left for France the Nain Rouge decided to stay on and continue to haunt our city. Every year we gather to chase him out of our city, but we do not make the same mistake that Cadillac made, we remember to cover our faces so that the Nain won't be able to find us when he returns. 

Detroiters, let's meet up this Sunday and chase that little red devil out of our town! If you are ready to stand up for our city, wear your favorite disguise and march up Cass Ave. to chase the Nain Rouge away for another year. We will be meeting in the parking lot of the Traffic Jam located at 511 W. Canfield St. in Detroit at 1 p.m. For details about the marche and to learn more about the events of the day visit No red eyed dwarf with furry boots is going to keep this city down!


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