Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meet Zachary Hooligan - Photographer Extraordinaire

Photography and punk rock are two of our passions. I know that we cover all sorts of musical genres here at, but at the end of the day Christie and I are just two little punk rock girls. Lately we have been asked to do more and more in the community and when we host events or put our name on something, they usually want a promo photo to use. Our last set of photos were done by the great Camera Jesus (Joe Gall) and we will be doing another photo shoot with him this summer. But, in the mean time we met another photographer who loves pictures and punk as much as we do and we decided to give him shot at taking our latest promo picture.

We met up with Zach Hooligan on the afternoon of our Two Year Anniversary show and went around Detroit taking some pictures. He was a really cool and friendly person, so it was easy to take pictures with him. We got a few gems out of that shoot to share with our readers and formed a relationship with Zach. Since then, he has shot Break Anchor, Snakewing, and went on tour with The Gutter Ghouls. He is making a name for himself in the punk rock community and becoming a staple in the mosh pits.

We asked Zach to meet up with us to chat so that we could share his story with the rest of you. Check out our new winter promo picture and listen to what Zach has to say. Thanks so much for your time and creative talent, Zach. We look forward to seeing what you do in the future!


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