Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Now's Your Chance to Get a Piece of Joe Gall... Or a Piece From Joe Gall, We Should Say...

Copyright: Joe Gall Photography

"A picture is worth a thousand words." It's an age old saying, but it is so true. A picture can tell a story, it can bring back memories, it can capture the feeling in a room, it can capture the perfect moment in time. Now a days we can all take a picture pretty much any second of the day with one of the many devices we carry on us. However, there are some people that can use a camera to create something beautiful and exciting. One person stands above the rest, his name is  Joe Gall.

I first discovered Joe Gall a few years ago when I saw BMX photos and videos that he took of some of our mutual friends. Even then I was impressed, but over the years he has grown as an artist and a person.
Copyright: Joe Gall Photography
His work includes amazing shots of world renowned musicians and awe inspiring views of our city, with a shot or two of President Obama sprinkled in there. But, even when he is shooting average Detroiters out on the town, he makes them look and feel like a celebrity. And if you haven't checked out his Facebook page lately, you have to see the views he has been getting from atop some of Detroit's tallest buildings. They are insane, but insanely awesome.

Yes, we've raved about Joe Gall a time or two before, but it is with good reason. After all, he is known as Camera Jesus! The reason we are bringing his name up again today is because now you have the chance to admire the work of Joe Gall on your walls instead of just on your computer screen. Joe has been posting a ton of his work from throughout the years online and through his website you can order a print of any shot he has taken. Simply look through his Facebook, Flickr, or website, find the shot you want, and e-mail him the link and size you would like at For pricing details and instructions, click here.

Copyright: Joe Gall Photography
Whether you would like a print of your favorite band, the Dog Packs of Detroit, or a landmark in the City, they are all up for grabs. Hell, you can even order that awesome shot that he took of you and your friends partying one night! The pricing is all extremely reasonable and we're sure one day a Camera Jesus piece will go for a lot more than they are today. So take advantage of this offer while you can!


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