Thursday, March 6, 2014

Half Off Mondays at The WAB!

For as long as I can remember, if I planned on going out to dinner on a Monday night I planned to go to the W.A.B. They have half of food on Mondays and it was always a great way to get filled up for really cheap. My favorite items to order off their current menu are the Cashew Turkey Sandwich, nachos, the burrito, and any of their incredibly big salads. The service is always good and the half off savings mean that you can drink a little more without spending too much.

The W.A.B. is known for its home brewed beers, but since I am not a beer drinker I have always liked my meal with a glass of red wine. I have been told by others that the Raspberry Blonde is the drink of choice for all of you beer lovers.

I recently realized we have never covered half of Monday's at the W.A.B. and I decided that it was better late then never. But, when I looked into writing about it this week, I discovered that this special was actually coming to an end in the near future. In approx 2-5 weeks the W.A.B. will end half of food Mondays and will be remodeling the kitchen and putting out an entire new menu. Word on the street is that they are installing a new stove and will begin serving up pizzas along with many more new menu items. It is unclear as of now if they will keep any of their current menu, so this very well might be your last chance to ever experience the greatness that is the Cashew Turkey Sandwich. I'm not sure what kind of sauce that they use on it, but it burns my mouth in the best way and is to die for.

Basically, it is the end of an era at the W.A.B. and I implore all of you to come out one last time over the next few weeks to get a taste before the changes are made. I have already told the owner that we want first dibs on covering the new menu, so hopefully we will have a feature on that in the near future. But, for the time being, head out to the W.A.B. which is located at 22646 Woodward Ave. in Ferndale and say goodbye to some good eats in anticipation of some even better eats to be released in the upcoming weeks.


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